Lamb Koftas: Trying Out New Recipes During Quarantine

My first attempt at making these koftas. We were looking for some new recipes during the early stages of our quarantine (back in late March 2020) and this was one that we decided to try first. We looked at hundreds of Mediterranean recipes and settled on this one as we had all the ingredients on hand.


The finished dinner (lamb koftas with roasted zucchini and summer squash.


This is the recipe I used from Epicurious with the exeption of replacing the regular paprika with some Smoked Paprika.

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The Smoked Paprika really added a new dimension and depth to the already flavorful meat mixture.


At first I was a little hesitant to grind up the ground lamb in the food processor, but I soon learned this would be the nest way to "form" the meat and other ingredients onto the skewers.


This was actually the hardest part of the entire recipe; forming the meat mixture onto the skewers. But I have perfected the process now as I have made this recipe four times in the last two months.

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These are definitely a recipe that has been added to our dinner rotation. I mde it twice using lamb meat and two other times using ground beef.
One thing I would recommend is that when using lamb meat, make sure to add a little MORE olive oil to the mixture as lamb is a VERY lean meat and tends to dry out fast.

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