I Try Beef Blackpepper and Stir-fried Broccoli at Ta Wan Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant in Indonesia

A few days ago, I and my friend named Anita tried food at a Chinese restaurant in Indonesia. I tried to eat at Ta Wan Restaurant. I haven't tried the food here. Several times thought to try this food. But, I prefer to eat ramen. I have shared some photos of the food I ordered. I didn't order much food. This meal is enough for both of us.

I ordered beef blackpepper and Stir-fried Broccoli with Three Mushrooms, a bowl of rice and jasmine tea. The beef blackpepper is pretty good. There are many posts and I love this food. The beef is not tough. Likewise with stir-fried broccoli. This is very nice. I love the mushrooms cooked in broccoli. Once again I say, the menu is very good. I will come back to eat at this place again and order another menu.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

For broccoli sauce cooked with ear mushrooms, ear mushrooms, white mushrooms, and chopped garlic. For the black pepper beef, there's a lot of extra paprika. I feel the black pepper used is not too much and I don't feel the spicy sensation in this food. For you who don't like spicy food, this food is safe for you to enjoy.

Actually this place sells a lot of food. Starting from porridge, soup, seafood, meat, tofu sapo, vegetables, rice and noodles and other side dishes. You don't have to worry about this food not being suitable for you. This restaurant does sell Chinese food. However, there are many menus that have been adapted to the Indonesian people.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

Before I discuss further about the food in this place, I want to tell the history of this place. This place has been around since 1996. Comes with the concept of Chinese home food. The cheapest price at this restaurant starts from 19 thousand rupiah and you can get regular porridge. For food with the most expensive price is the Seafood Soup Ala Yang Chow. This food is sold at a price of 100 thousand rupiah. I don't know what it's like. Looks like this food has a lot of portions.

This restaurant is located in 19 cities in Indonesia. Well, this place also has legendary food. The name of the food that is very legendary in this place is Mapo Tofu. Food is Chinese food. Mapo Tofu has been around since 1862 during the Qing Dynasty. At that time, Chen Chunfu and his wife owned a small restaurant on Wanfu Bridge. They both created this food.


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

Besides Mapo Tofu, this restaurant also has a porridge menu. The porridge at this restaurant is known to be very tasty. There are more than 20 types of porridge sold in this restaurant. The porridge here is known for its super delicious taste. In fact, the porridge sold in this restaurant has three flavors. According to my friend, the texture of the porridge is not very bright and it has a lot of fish, chicken and shrimp in it. And plus cakwe.

This place also sells seaweed soup, pimples, fried rice and others. For you Muslims, this food is very safe. Because, this restaurant does not sell menus with pork. For you cheese lovers, this place also provides dimholic dim. The price is sold from 18 thousand rupiah to 25 thousand rupiah


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

During the pandemic, this restaurant has provided a cheap menu. The price starts from Rp. 30,000, you already enjoy rice and beef. Not infrequently this place gives a pretty big discount. Yesterday, this restaurant sold three menus of food, two rice and tea for 125 thousand. For those of you who want to enjoy Chinese food, you can visit this restaurant. Good luck


Picture by Nurdiani Latifah

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