Terrys Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

Chocolate Friends,

I’ve had these sat in my cupboard since Easter and I knew it was about time I lied into them before they go out of date. I wanted something sweet and my friend kept going on about her chocolate orange buttons. She made me want chocolate orange and then I remembered I had this bag of chocolate orange mini eggs. I hadn’t had them before, so I was looking forward to eat them.

Terrys Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

"Egg-shaped milk chocolates flavoured with orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell."

These are so cute!! I tore off the corner and rolled a few eggs into my hand. The eggs had a really pointy top, but they looked so lovely with their orange shell. I took my first one and bit it in half. The shell was crispy like what you get on smarties and the chocolate on the inside was so orangey. I loved it!! It was literally Terrys chocolate orange in egg form.

I don’t know why I didn’t open these sooner. They were so yummy! No chance of getting anymore now until next year. Well, that’s if they are produced next year. Terrys chocolate orange is the original and the best of any chocolate orange I have had. Fingers crossed these beautiful and tasty orange eggs make an appearance next Easter.

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