Kokoro Kimchi

Hello Again,

I am on the final bit of food that I had from Kokoro in the week. I have had kimchi many times before, but not from here. So I was interested to see what it tasted like. In fact I didn’t actually choose it, my husband did and I was eager to try some.

Courtesy of Kokoro

Kokoro Kimchi

Fermented vegetables.

I was surprised to see how big the tub was and when I went in for some kimchi, I was surprised at how big the slices of vegetables were. I’m not sure what I picked out. It looked like cabbage to me. To begin with I got the tang of the sauce and then the heat of the chilli came through. It was getting stronger by the second. I didn’t think Japanese food was spicy / hot. I thought it was just more about balanced flavours. Thankfully this wasn’t too hot as if it is, I start to hiccup and I can’t stop. It was a bit too got for my liking. I only dipped into the tub a couple of times. I actually preferred the Kimchi that I have had before that came from a jar. I’m not saying it wasn’t nice. Just that the heat was too hot for my preferred taste.

Although I didn’t specifically pick this up myself, I was glad that I tried it. I just wish it wasn’t too hot for me because I really did like the size and the crunch of the vegetables I did have. Maybe if I go again, my husband would still pick this up and I might be more tolerable of the heat. Needless to say, everything that I had from Kokoro was amazing and I really can’t wait to go back!

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