Kit Kat Zebra Dark & White Chocolate Bar

KitKat Fans,

After my delicious experience with the Kit Kat Gold I decided to try the Zebra Kit Kat. My husband had also bought this one for me too and again it was sat around in my chocolate tub for a good 6 months or so. I knew I had to take this one out and see what it was all about. Here's how it went .


Kit Kat Zebra Dark & White Chocolate Bar

"Four crispy water fingers covered in dark chocolate and white chocolate.
Add a little adventure to your break with KITKAT Zebra! Smooth dark and white chocolate, marbled together to coat four crispy KITKAT wafer fingers to create a dangerously delicious treat."

As with the Kit Kat Gold, I peeled back the wrapper to expose the chocolate fingers. The marbling of the chocolate did make the fingers look like a zebra which I thought was very clever. It had the same great snap and good amount of chocolate when I snapped off a finger then snapped that finger in half. The wafer layers looked as good as ever. Now the taste. All I got was dark chocolate. *Yes I know this chocolate as dark and white', but the taste of the dark chocolate was so over powering and I am not a fan of dark chocolate. Considering this had white chocolate in it too, the dark flavour was so strong. Got know what it would have tasted like without the white chocolate. No Nestle, not for me.

I think if you are a dark chocolate lover, then this bar is right for you. If you don't like dark chocolate, then avoid this one like the plague. I much prefer the Gold Kit Kat. So tasty and creamy. This one was just too dark and bitter.

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