Mexican Supper for 2 people (although it was just for me) for 16 Pesos -80 us cents

I love food! But I don't love to spend mega bucks on it when I know how to make decent meals and healthy snack! Mexico is one of the cheapest places you can live at or it can also cost you the same as your home country. Wherever I go in the world to live, I enjoy it most to live how the people are living in that country and not try to live how I was in the previous country or the country I was born in.

Food is a great example. I could go out to eat and spend 60 to 100 pesos on food, probably a drink too, and then suddenly its over 80 to 120 pesos as the bill. 80 pesos is like 4 usd, a trained conformist would compare that to something in their home country where they earn say, 20 usd an hour and think it's cheap. Sadly they forget or don't think to learn how much a Mexican is getting paid to go from that as a price basis. 4 usd is easily many Mexican peoples wage for not one hour, but 4!!

The Supper

It started out with me realising that the last avocado had partly turned over ripe and so I put it in a bowl and chopped a tomato, quarter of a huge onion, garlic and lime and mashed it up. Some kind of Guacamole!


I eat a lot of eggs as you can see! They are so dam good though, boiled, fried, scrambled, poached!


Con Tortillas (With tortilla bread)

Just not to confuse, they are aswell corn tortillas! These are so cheap and you warm them on a skillet,delish!


Loaded up with boiled eggs and the Guacamole thing..

I have been naturally (without intenion) intermitent fasting and only eating from 2pm earliest to 11pm once or twice a day. The climate doesnt make me hungry and sitting in a house doesnt either. Its so good to be around so many fresh friuts and veggys and many are complete√ły knew to me. I am embarrased to take vids in the markets but the next time I go I'll take some photos of where Im buying the ingredients from!


Big Love and Abundance, @Movingman

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