Supplementing The Garden Seed Stash & Sharing The Gardening Wealth

Four months ago I had learned about a "free seed project" from a homesteading forum that I belong to and when I saw the link offering up basic seeds for free I decided to take the offer.

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I have plenty of seeds in my stash, but there were some that I did not have and, one of the "rules" for receiving these seeds was that I had to share with others. So I did and I will continue to do so.

I gave some to a few neighbors with small children to grow on their small plots of land. All the children here are home (and have been since the first of March) due to the "shelter in place" executive order given by our state's governor; and I'm sure many of the kids are bored and their parents are at wit's end with learning to home-school and keep their children occupied during this unprecedented time. I had figured perhaps this little bit of gardening time would help alleviate their boredom; plus give them some food for later this summer.

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After giving away the seeds, I also have plans to give away some of the harvest when it comes in. I will be giving away some tomatoes, carrots, radishes and the herbs for neighbors and others who may be seeking fresh produce they cannot afford in the stores due to break down in the supply chain this summer and fall.

Many people in our state have not been receiving their unemployment benefits due to issues with the system and I want to make sure people around me are not suffering from the food shortages. Of course this free seed project was known about WAY before the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, but still... giving to others and paying it forward is what I'm about.

I planted extra tomato, arugula, lettuce, herbs and am trying turnips for the first time this year with the hopes of helping a few families in these trying times.

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Seeds contained in the project's envelope.

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