TGI Friday (15/10/2021) - Great people, Great posts, Some HBI Shares and Guess the Name of @themarkymark 's cat!

There are a few incredible storytellers here on Hive. What makes them stand out is their ability to recount a story about their lives without actually making the story about them.

As always, I struggle to explain myself but they write without self-importance, arrogance or conceit. Within their posts, they put the story itself central stage, not themselves and they convey their inclusion in the story as a part of the whole rather than as the star of the show. They appear full of my admired characteristics of humility and humanity. I've mentioned them before but @eudadol (this is, in a way a reply to your beautifully crafted post today which if I'd have commented upon directly, I'd have simply plagiarised @millycf's comment! Thanks too for the shout-out mate!) and @dandays, to name just two, have this seemingly natural ability in bucketloads.

This is my usual, clumsy babble at which most will be scratching their heads but this perfectly highlights my lack of skill in explanation and creating positive narrative content that holds me back from relating my own personal stories. The character traits I dislike most in life are the three I listed above, even though, writing or commenting in haste, I may, sorry, do, inadvertently display the character traits I dislike so much.

For the people who create genuine human connections between themselves and their readers, the rewards will follow, but they are a by-product of their endeavours, will be organic, and as such, will be so much more deserved and have much more sincerity attached to them than just being a sum of money delivered by an auto vote.

There are others who wrote superbly informative posts, both in a formal and casual style. I learn so much from people here, not just in the world of crypto but in a wider sense. The breadth of subject matter here is astonishing and if you look hard enough, there is always something new to learn if you open your mind enough.

Yes, I've had a good week of reading on Hive! The other bit of good news is that @anddumbcunts has changed his auto vote on my every post and comment from a 0.1% downvote to a 1% upvote. Comment farming here I come!

Alright, on to the proper stuff and we start with what I believe could be a Hive first.

A bloke's building a model railway in his garden and he is already onto part four and I've been missing it. Could no one have given me a ping? He's called @amberyooper and has been on-chain for over 4 years and carries a 70 rep! After all this time, you can still find great content from old users that you never knew existed!

Anyway, he's building a 7 1/2 inch gauge model railway around his garden. Seriously! How cool is that? I for one cannot wait to see this up and running. The subject of Building The Garden Railway, Part 4, Connecting the Turnout


The picture of course is from his excellent post.

But it seems he doesn't just build model railways, he makes loads of stuff and posts some superb DIY tutorials, some of which I've been looking back on today. 'Chuffing' brilliant. The old 'uns are still the best!

5 HBI shares are on their way to you with my thanks!


Next up, a bit of a strange one. I was reading a thread when I came across a new user to me called @akumagai.

He was involved in a comment debate and his comments were just awesome, getting his point across with humour and in a non-threatening manner but yet still very direct and clearly taking a strong stance. He doesn't seem to post too much but when he does, posts exactly what he wants seemingly without care about reward. He just posted earlier this evening, a post while pissed and super impressively, it was totally inoffensive! I wouldn't dare post anything even after smelling alcohol as I know I'd probably end up upsetting 99% of people on HIve. Here is said post, simply entitled It's midnight, it's short, to the point and damn, did it make me laugh!

5 HBI shares are on their merry way to you mate.


MORE model making?

Hell yes, I told you I'd had a good week and @afterglow has documented the building of a scale model of a traditional Philippines home in a post entitled Bahay Kubo - A Traditional House of the Philippines.
The thing that drew me into this post though was not the model making. It was because I often used to stay in a house almost identical to this that belongs to some friends down in Mindanao. Such happy memories were triggered 15 years later by a post on Hive. Back to connections again! Anyway, check out the post. The detail and photos of this model are brilliant!


Photo of the model bahay-kubo built by @afterglow.

Keep up the great posts and more models please! 5 HBI shares are on their way to you with my thanks.


Now get this, my final featured Hivie tonight is a Tent designer.

How many people in your life have you met who design tents for a living? Only on Hive! The young lady's name is @kimloan from Vietnam. She's blogging coffee, she's blogging travel and she's blogging tents. Seriously! I only just came across her so her tent post is past payout date but her most recent post is part of @livinguktaiwans wonderful hi from Hive contest

5 HBI shares are on their way to @kimloan to help her at the start of her Hive journey.


In other news, we had a great new App from @therealwolf called Inji which I wrote about in a post here and @themarkymark is putting together a proposal to audit Hive Keychain which I hope everyone will support. More importantly though, we found out that he has a cat and so to finish this post, I will post a picture of it directly from the man himself!


@themarkymark's cat, taken from his post.

He didn't mention what it's called so please, drop your guesses into the comments and have a wonderful weekend!

For more great @followfriday s, head over to @steevc who will also have some great suggestions for some weekend reading!

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