Tunang Floating Cottage Located @ Molopolo, Macrohon, Southern Leyte #Its More Fun in the Philippines

Good day bloggers,

Despite all the circumstances especially the deadly disease COVID-19 we will not give up especially at this time when our country is suffering in the event of a pandemic disaster. But we know that there is a God who is always on the lookout for all events in our world And his request is that we all simply pray to him. That is all that God wants us to pray for every day, to sleep, to eat, and above all to do our daily routine. We do that every day so that we can survive here we live in hardship or comfort.

So for all those who are losing hope or have hope, don't lose hope, let's just pray to God and he will answer our prayers. And hopefully in the time when God has blessed us we don't forget to be thankful for all he has done for us. Because this is the worst but the truth is, it's very difficult and it's time for you to think, lord, why I'm like this and we blame God for everything that happens in our lives. That is a mistake, God is not to blame if we are not, God has a saying, do what you should and can do and God will take care of the rest. There are other people because when his prayer to God is fulfilled, he will forget that God is the best work of our people. We should be thankful to pray and always have God in our minds.

So let's go back to my post hehe it looks like my reading has been extended but go ahead for everyone and for God. We all know that we miss the beautiful scenery and beaches because of the pandemic we can't get out easily because the W.H.O restricts the health protocol. But here in our area, it is possible but it is not said that he is 100% because there is only a number of paxs because it is possible.

Wish we could share our very beautiful relaxing scene and above all relieve stress. I know if there is no pandemic many people will visit our area because of the clear salt water and beautiful scenery, It is made of bamboo. Floating cottages are very popular here during this time of pandemia.

All materials used are DIY only or Do it Your Self made of bamboo and only rope was used and at the bottom, there are large drums for him to float in the sea.
And in the middle, something was made like a swimming fool for minors so that he would not drown when the sea was deep. And in the middle, there is a large table to place food and on the left and right side is the chair but also made of bamboo, there is also a comfort room for those who want to sew, or change clothes or we called fitting room. And you can also go fishing and if you have caught some fish, you can grill the fish.



This is the overview of the native floating cottage, you will be the one to judge the beauty of the view and fresh air and clear water.


Summer is here!!!!! come and visit our very own TUNANG FLOATING COTTAGE located at Barangay Molopolo Macrohon Southern Leyte, it's In the boundary between Molopolo and Aguinaldo. TUNANG FLOATING COTTAGE can accommodate of a maximum 30 people. With 800 pesos a day you can enjoy the good view and have a good bond with your relatives and friends just bring your own food as they don't serve food on the float but don't worry they have a barbecue grill on the float so you can enjoy more and relax while cooking your barbecues.

Thank you

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