I Caught WHAT Fishing in Mexico??? ~ #whatthefishtacosisthat?

Fishing has always been a great hobby of mine. I remember back as a wee lad, in the little time we got to spend with my old man as kids, he would take me and my 2 older brothers fishing at Parkers lake. We would slay sunnies til the sun went down. It wan't very difficult. Put a worm on the hook, and within a few seconds you'd have one. Regardless, it was exhilarating as a kid to reel in a big one (big to us anyway).


Once we grew up a bit, our old man started taking us on Canadian fly-in fishing trips. Aikens lake was my favorite. But Shoal lake came in a close second. Massive Walleye and huge Northern Pike, man, do they put up a fight!

Did I mention shore lunch? Omg. Catch some walleyes, pull the boat up to shore on some random island with a little beach that probably hasn't been stepped on by man in, maybe, forever? Bald Eagles soaring overhead, waiting for the fish scraps. Fish filets, breaded, and bubbling in hot oil in a cast iron skillet over a bon fire...man, it just doesn't get much better.

There was also the trip to Lake Michigan to go Salmon Fishing.



Last year, I even bought a small, inflatable, single-man pontoon to take out on my local lake. Had some good times fishing from that thing. Unfortunately I had to sell it when we moved down here. But I wrote a little bit about it if you want to check it out here.


So to say that I was EXCITED to get some salt waster fishing in down here in Mexico, would be an understatement.

I drove down to a real small fishing shop where all they had were the real basics, but everything I needed. Less than $200 later, I had a 9 foot rod, Rapala reel, 40# test line, some leaders, a few lures, a 2 oz. weight, and a heavy dose of optimism thinking I was going to catch a massive Red Snapper.

This video is my 3rd attempt at shore fishing down here. The first two were not successful, even though a good time was had anyway.

So check it out, and let me know if you have any tips for fishing salt water from shore. I sure could use them!!! lol.

Thanks for reading & watching.

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