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This is a Chain story passed between @zakludick and @therneau. Each writer authors a post based on the events of previous episodes and carries on the story.

There is very little collusion between the writers as it is challenging to discover and develop a story by attuning the writing to the partner's plot, style and presentation.

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Log SLZT3 by @zakludick

Thorne and G5 were under attack by a swarm of robotic like flying insects, shooting yellow bolts towards the duo. Soon after being attacked G5, Thorne’s AI, started transforming and assembling weapons to counter the attack. This came as a huge surprise since Thorne had a relatively basic working bot he used to assist with laborious tasks.

As Thorne struggled to get away from his attackers, G5, that by this time has mentioned he prefers to be named J, had started barking orders at his human counterpart. All the while Thorne’s main thought was merely to try and get back safely to his pod, still clutching the invaluable ochophial in his hand.
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Space Lore Log SLZT#4

G5 leveled the weapon and bright blue bolts exploded out towards the swarm of robotic insects.

The bolts exploded into various directions simultaneously, singeing handfuls of the little critters with each blast. They quickly started plopping into the ground however there were hordes of them. The sounds were quite deafening as G5’s bolts exploded into the swarm.

Thorne looked on in amazement only for a moment before the bright bolts started hurting his eyes. As he turned his head away from the massacre Thorne noticed his HUD’s screen was scrambled and glitching, “As if things can’t get any worse!” he shouted. Thorne had never before experienced such display issues.

He vaguely heard G5 say, “It’s from the extra magnetic field I’m using.”

It was then that Thorne noticed his pod in the distance. He didn’t give G5’s response a second thought and started dashing, as fast as the thin atmosphere would allow, towards the pod.

“Now those little meatstick legs are working,” he heard G5 say.

‘What has gotten into this bot?’ Thorne thought. He could still hear the blasts emanating from G5, or J, as well as those little flying bots returning fire.

Thorne was about 20 paces away from the pod when he realized the sounds of the bolts firing had ended. He was breathing heavily now and his HUD had fogged up terribly, leaving him stumbling over some loose stones over the last stretch. Thorne wanted to communicate with G5 however he fell short of breath.

As Thorne reached the pod he drew a few deep breathes and said a voice command that should open the doors, “Thorne Herm, 3245 6788, activate POD32 door unlock.”

Thorne was struggling to see through his fogged up HUD however he could hear that the door didn’t unlatch, “Shit,” he thought aloud. Thorne tilted his head in various directions, trying to get a clear view of the manual screen.

Suddenly he realized he hasn’t heard anything but silence about, “G5, are you there?” he asked nervously. There was only silence. “J?” Thorne attempted again. All he could hear was his own heavy breathing.

Thorne had a hundred different thoughts rushing through his mind simultaneously.

Where is G5?
Where are those bugs?
Calm down and breathe
If I remove my helmet will I be able to put it back on in time?
Will I see my family again?

That’s when Thorne realized he still had the ochophial firmly clasped in his hand. He looked through his fogged up HUD, vaguely seeing the green stone. He realized how surreal the entire situation was before attempting another voice prompt, “Thorne Herm, 3245 6788, activate-“G5 interrupted

“Good to see you still have the ochophial,” it said.

Thorne was completely startled, almost falling over his feet, “Geez, G5! J… or whatever you are,” he exclaimed. His adrenaline had subsided a little and his nerves started taking over, “I can’t get the pod open,” Thorne stated, his hands shaking nervously.

A split second later Thorne heard the latch unlock. “Let’s go before more bugs come,” G5 stated.

“You destroyed all those?” Thorne asked.

“Yes, but there are more bugs coming,” J stated. “Get in the pod, we have 7 minutes before they’ll reach us.

Thorne started feeling dizzy. His head was reeling from all the thoughts rushing through his mind as he stumbled into the pod. The last thought that crossed his mind was that it would take him at least 10 minutes to prepare for lift off. That’s when Thorne passed out. Whether it was too much excitement, breathing to heavily in his suit or a combination of factors, Thorne couldn't anymore.

J looked down at his human counterpart and was rather ‘relieved’. It will make it easier for him to take control and set course for their destination. J knew that carrying something as powerful as the ochophial back to their base was far too dangerous.

The AI set their destination towards GRS 902. A place where the greatest minds in the known galaxies congregate. A place he and all other AI’s were inextricably linked to. A place where AI’s live and thrive.
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