Our life as provincials | In the mountains free and harmless

Good afternoon to all of you, be patient because it's already noon here in our area. And good morning everyone knows there are different races here on the platform. here I am again, I want to share the beauty of our place. The provincial life, I know many of us live like I do. There are rich people and there are poor people like me.

Although we are poor our heartfelt thoughts and feelings are always there. Here we live in the vast jungle, here we also earn even a little as long as we can only eat three meals a day. Here we are looking for food and really just plant is not kidding hard sweat blood and heat we experience. This is where we earn money to buy food. Farmers endure the heat and hardship of plowing all day just to have a harvest.

That's what other people don't know, they think the farmer is not poor, maybe in another country they are farmers and they earn a lot of money but here we are really farmers. Honestly, I didn't mean to visit this place, because when I was going to the place I was assigned, I saw the place that gives me a great experience so I thought to stop and see the place. I held my breath because of the beauty and happy memories when we were still on the farm.
I asked the farmer mang Edgar how nice the scenery here in the Mang Edgar area is. By the way, the word '' Mang '' here in our area is old. Edgar asked me Sir do you like coconut juice I said yes '' Mang '' Edgar that was my favorite when I was young I always made more water when I was thirsty. So '' Mang '' Edgar quickly climbed the coconut tree. I laughed because when I was young that's what I do all my past is that. I recall what '' Mang '' Edgar did.
Oh so whoever here is from the province definitely knows how to climb a coconut. Come on, you Filipinos, let's drink coconut soup.
This is the resting place of "Mang" Edgar when he is tired of plowing. The air is very fresh and you can feel really no problem the atmosphere is cozy and all you can hear are the voices of birds and just the wind blowing. So I salute the farmers I am not ashamed that this is where I came from and this is where my father and mother raised me. Here we grew up and studied to get out of poverty.

I am high on my Mom And Dad they are real heroes.

Dad thank you for all the kindness you have done for us even if we are just poor I do not embarrass you in front of people. ADVANCE HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all brave fathers.

Thank you

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