Growing cassava in my house

Hello friends, I was a little withdrawn from the community, for reasons of force majeure, however, I missed very much writing and sharing with all of you my great Steemit family; also as they say there, that the good son always comes back; Here I am again to continue each day nourishing myself with all their knowledge and humbly contribute my grain of sand in the community through my post, which I hope you like.

I will tell you today of a wonderful tuber, with a great nutritional value that is also very appreciated at the gastronomic level and is highly valued worldwide for its versatility, I speak of yucca, also known as cassava in other countries. Today I will tell you about the personal experience of making a crop of this tuber at home.

Although it seems very complicated to plant cassava at home, it is not very complicated, in my opinion, it is more a matter of patience and dedication, I comment because this is a crop that takes 8 to 17 months to bear fruit, however, also I tell them;s worth the wait, since from a single plant you can get several kilos of this tuber.

In my case I start my crop with some cuttings of the plant, which I sow in a land prepared with organic fertilizer, which is the best to cultivate, since it brings many minerals and nutrients to the plant making it grow strong and with good results.

One of the tricks when planting cassava cuttings is to do it in mounds of earth so that the root can spread and take place to develop many tubers, it does not need to be watered constantly, once or twice a week will suffice.

It is important to be careful with pests that may affect your crop, this plant can commonly be attacked by snails, slugs and aphids; In my particular case, some of my plants were attacked by some aphids, which attack with soapy water and a little vinegar.

Once the harvest time is over, the same plant will tell you when it is time to remove the yuccas, in my case, my grandfather explained that when the leaves closest to the roots are dried, it is time to remove the tubers.

In the case of my plants yielded fruit at about 12 months, and at that time I could see the result of the harvest, which to be in a small patio, was more than successful, I tell you that at the time of removing the plant of the earth to see how the result of the planting had been, it was exciting and it generated a lot of expectation, because until that moment you do not know how it went, my plants 05 in total, generated more than 15 kilos of yucca, what I think magnificent.

My harvest was very good and I enjoyed it a lot with family and friends with whom I would gladly share that wonder that nature offers us.

Friends I leave in some photo of my authorship when to remove the crop.





I recommend you do it, since it is very rewarding, I hope you like my post, I love you very much ...

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