What is the right time a person to marry!

Hello i hope this finds all here fine, today i wanna to know what good age did a person should think about or should marry .
Many people here in Uganda Africa they tend to marry at every early age and more are not taking their responsibilities.
So what next the husband and the spouse separates but the children is the subject which suppressing in all the these situations.
More children either he or she miss daddy's love or mummy's love.
So today i have decided to sit make a simple blog since it is weekend to ask you all my colleagues about the right a person should marry!
So many people in my community are experiencing that challenge and even if you the solutions please also include in your view.
That is why i appreciate everyday @achimertens for supporting those needy children through #nobel thank you a lot and God bless you abundantly.
Waiting your positive responses

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