eosfishrocks: the interview

Confused about EOS mainnet launch and the whole 'block producer' thing?

I asked Marshall Long of EOS.fish, a standby block producer, for some more info.


Q: eosfishrocks is an EOS standby producer; wtf is that anyway and what does a day in the life of a standby producer look like?

A: A standby producer is basically a block producer who sits and waits until someone cant do their job. Having folks on standby insures a stable network. My day is generally filled with fixing other terrible block producers mistakes and interfacing with the EOS.Fish community in our Telegram: https://t.me/eosfish_en

Q: Just 29% of EOS token holders have yet voted for BP. What’s happened to the other 71%!?

A: Until recently many EOS tokens were locked in exchanges waiting for the network to become stable. Additionally, many people have their EOS stored on hardware wallets and are waiting for a solution for them to enable voting.

Q: What criteria should a BP voter use when when considering candidates for their vote? What makes a good BP?

A: A good BP is one who listens to their community and strives towards projects that their community want. We at eos.fish have almost 1000 people in our telegram: https://t.me/eosfish_en. They can use us as their mouthpiece to the EOS community.

Q: There are 21 block producers, they must compete and collaborate in order to maintain the system. What other candidates, besides eosfishrocks, do you support? And why?

A: I’m a big fan of EOSBIXINBOOT and atticlabeosb and eosmediterranean.
EOSBIXINBOOT are one of the only supremely transparent Chinese Blockproducers. Atticlab has a great depth in developers as well as knowledgeable leadership. And EOSMEDI has already made what i think is the best votetracker out there. https://votetracker.eosmedi.com

Q: What has eos.fish developed so far for the EOS ecosystem? And what are you planning on developing over the next few months?

A: We are currently working on a video game to demonstrate the power of EOS over ETH. The first step to this is releasing our open source data storage Library that allows anyone to anonymously store data on the blockchain very cheaply. We will release the Github URL this coming week!

Q: As a successful OG bitcoin miner, why develop for EOS rather than BTC or ETH?

A: BTC is slow and the devs are seemingly asleep at the wheel.
ETH has too many people pulling it in many directions while Vitalik plays his shadow games.
EOS has a very clear leadership structure. Makes life much simpler.

Q: It’s been about a month since the EOS mainnet launch, what have you learned so far? What still needs work? Does the future look bright?

A: The governance model needs more stress testing. There have been a few cases of BPs being asleep at the wheel when becoming a top 21. These kinds of things are great to happen early so we can refine proper protocols for removing incompetence from our network. This happened very late in the BTC life cycle as well as with ETH.


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