The values & community project timeline.

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Community Values:

Without a moral compass, it is easy to get lost in the sea of misinformation and deceit that at times plagues the entire crypto industry. Values are essential and give direction to One crucial aspect we believe missing from the crypto community in the past few years is, in fact, just that – a real community.

At we are not only dedicated to block producing, but also to building software and tools that will empower the community. There is no way to do this without getting frequent and personal input from our community directly.

A significant portion of the money we make from Block Producing, therefore, will go towards these events. Some of this money will also be available for the research and development of those projects desired by our community, wherever that may lead, including even to the development of hardware devices.

Fish.hub Community Events:

We want everyone involved to be excited about the new technology that we all have grown to love.

The best way to foster that is not by simply providing online information for interested parties to read or not read, but by bolstering the community with fun, informative and community building events, where the community can meet in person and enthusiasm can develop more rapidly.

So, via our fish.hub, we will be running monthly meetups in locations worldwide. Additionally, we plan to organize events at our two headquarters, in Seoul and Bangkok, to support and bolster the local EOS scene, while also taking the pulse on what the community wants us to build.

Additional activities will also include: hackathons, a code academy, and new ideas days. These are just some of the currently planned events present on our Fishy Hub community roadmap.

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