EOS.fish - Position on Dividends.

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As stated in this post (/@hibitfish/the-eos-fish-values-and-community-project-timeline), we at EOS.fish will incentivize our community to participate heavily in our ecosystem. To that effect, we will devote a significant portion of our Block Production proceeds to the community directly!

However, we expressly forbid, and will forever be against, the practice of using dividends to pay voters. We will never be in favor of vote buying. This is both unethical and detrimental to the future success of EOS. Additionally, we are not interested in paying dividends to EOS token holders directly.

The only forms of inflation reward sharing we would remotely consider are those that directly benefit the EOS.fish community in the form of hackathon type events, where new and exciting tech couldd be produced.

More on this is described in our above post. Additionally this policy can be found on our website (https://eos.fish).

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