eos.fish Code Of Conduct

Promises to token holders
We are committed to communicating with our community whenever needed. Our platform is dedicated to delivering the best to stakeholders regardless of how many tokens they hold. We, as block producers, have devoted our power to hearing out, understanding, and achieving harmony with and among the token-holder community. We are faithful to our community and intend to fulfill their needs at all times.

Ensuring Performance
As firm believers in the power of the EOS project, we are driven by giving back to the network which will enable the EOS network to excel in performance to its highest capability thus enhancing its scalability on demand. We are going to devote a good portion of our Block Production proceeds to the community directly for maintaining our infrastructure. We believe reinvesting our proceeds back will drive the EOS network to new heights, ensuring our community an effective and fun time.

Involving and evolving the community
We are always ready to cooperate with other block producing candidates to secure our community the best. Cooperation will build a healthy ecosystem for the whole community and allow for the achievements of tasks that are more advanced than our ability, ensuring a better network infrastructure worldwide, providing our community with the growth they deserve on top of the ease in knowing we are out for them first regardless of credit due. Assuring our community that their needs are our priority.

Complying with the constitution
We are committed to abiding by the rules decided upon by the democratically elected constitution; we will ensure our network governance is in accordance with the applicable authorities. The EOS constitution is a superior guideline guaranteeing the safety and fair treatment of all involved in the ecosystem of EOS. We are bound to the laws of the constitution and intend to only comply with a request that abides by these rules, following these guidelines is our guarantee to protecting the network and people within it.

Abiding by the Arbitration agreements
We lawfully agree to adhere to, enforce and insight education into the decisions made by the Arbitration. We will not question or oppose the Arbitration in accordance with their judgment made. We will not voice negative opinions based around any outcome rulings of the Arbitration, holding respect high.

Transparency, security, and speed
EOS.fish provides a safe, fast and transparent platform which we promise to continuously work on to bring our community the best. We will never be in favor of vote buying. This is both unethical and detrimental to the future success of EOS. We are a transparent platform as blockchain intended, looking to contribute a safe and speedy place for EOS community members to accumulate and grow.

Financial freedom
We are in full financial control of our platform, leaving no room for corruption. Our ownership is dispersed amongst three entities, although advisors have been taken on they have not been entitled to any shares of said ownership, evenly diversifying responsibility and accountability.

Ensuring Independence
We will not administer and produce more than one block node within any singular EOS blockchain. We will follow and comply with all rules and regulations to ensure we are free of any misdemeanor

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