Where to Earn Free Cryptos

The following are websites/apps where you can earn cryptocurrencies.

Let's start with what we think are the best sites/apps you should focus on:


D.Buzz is the Twitter killer. Use D.Buzz instead of Twitter and start earning HIVE crypto. Create an account on D.Buzz here


Odysee is the Youtube killer. Start using Odysee and start earning money everytime you watch videos instead of using YouTube which keeps all ad income for themselves. Visit their site


Presearch is the Google Search killer. You earn PRE crypto just for searching unlike Google which earns off your searches. Try Presearch now.


dBlog is the Medium killer. Instead of hosting your blog on Medium which doesn't reward you financially, you better start using dBlog (FKA Engrave) and start earning crypto in the form of Hive tokens. dBlog.org


This is a better browser than Google Chrome especially in terms of speed. Most importantly, you earn BATs for viewing ads. BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and is one of the top cryptocurrencies. What we don't like right now though is that we can't easily transfer the tokens to exchanges like Kucoin or Binance so it would be great if you can also request Brave to add this functionality because the more user requests, the better, because this is a good indicator for their devs that this is an important request.

Install Brave Browser now and stop using Google Chrome which doesn't share ad income with you. Visit their site.





Earn free bitcoin (satoshis), tokens, digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies by collecting them from the following faucets. Some of these faucets require ExpressCrypto accounts so please create an account first if you don't have it yet. Create a free account using these link: ExpressCrypto

  • MoreMoney
  • FreeBitcoin
  • FaucetCrypto
  • AutoFaucet
  • DutchyCorp.Space
  • AutoFaucet.org
  • AutoClaim.in
  • ExpressCrypto.io
  • BTCMines
  • GetDoge.io
  • CoinPayU
  • Bonus Bitcoin
  • Cointiply
  • FireFaucet
  • DogeBits
  • FreeBTCClicks
  • ClixCoin
  • AdBTC
  • Bucksify
  • Bituro
  • EarnBitcoin.io
  • BitCoinGet
  • BitCoinReward
  • Carrot
  • AdverCoins
  • BitTube
  • BitForTip
  • Resolvve
  • Ola City
  • CoinCircle
  • Instars
  • FeaturePoints
  • LiteCoinMania
  • Yannik
  • FreeDGB
  • FreeNeo
  • FreeBNB
  • FreeLINK
  • FreeADA
  • Free ETH
  • FreeDash
  • FreeXem
  • FreeLTC
  • FreeUSDC
  • FreeUSDT
  • FreeBTC
  • FreeBitcoin
  • MoreMoney
  • CoinFaucet
  • Doge Faucet
  • Bucksify
  • Apollo
  • BitGames
  • DogeFaucet
  • Cointiply
  • EarnBitcoin
  • GetZenCash
  • PipeFlare
  • CCTip Box
  • Free Nano
  • Free Storj
  • Nano Faucet

The following are not faucets but you can collect cryptos everyday from these sites/apps:

  • Pirate Cash - not sure about this site so please do your research, its a fun wheel game though
  • Permission
  • Nimtris ( Everybody likes this game! )
  • adbank.network


  • Earn tokens as you read.
  • Users earn tokens while reading about decentralized web content.
  • As of writing time, there's around 61,200 people on the waitlist.
  • Users will be able to spend the tokens in their reward store.
  • Decrypt is a news website about cryptocurrencies in general and the decentralized web in particular.
  • Visit Decrypt.co


SteemHunt - share cool products in this platform and get crypto rewards

CRYPTO JOBS is a comprehensive list of Crypto Jobs sites.



LazyFox is a microgig site where people earn Bitcoin Cash for every task they deliver.


CoinMarketCap Earn lets you earn crypto just by understanding the basics of crypto projects and taking tests after.


BitForTip is where you help some people out and get crypto tips as rewards.


Here's a list of websites where you can participate in crypto airdrops.

  • CMC Airdrops
  • Cocoricos
  • Latoken
  • Airdrop Alert
  • MyCointainer
  • 99 Airdrops
  • CCN Airdrops
  • ICO Drops
  • DropsEarn
  • Airdrops.io
  • ICO Marks
  • Top ICO List
  • Best Coin List
  • AirdropLand
  • Cointelligence
  • Crypto Airdrops
  • Airdropter
  • Binance Airdrops
  • AirDrop King
  • Coin Airdrops
  • BountyHub
  • Airdropers
  • Afric
  • Coincodex
  • Cryptocoinnews
  • Coin World Story
  • Airdrops Mob
  • Desi Airdrops
  • TokenAirdrop
  • Freeairdrop.io
  • Cryptokiemtien
  • Airdrops.live
  • Airdrops.blog
  • Coinlist



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