Lead Generation Action Plan for a Startup Crypto Exchange


Keep generating joint marketing (and other partnership) opportunities for the exchange.

Maximize opportunities for the exchange by relentlessly pursuing target leads across different channels where they are active users and making sure they understand why the exchange is the best exchange they need to partner with. All leads will be systematically assigned an outreach priority score based on certain engagement signals from different channels.

Tactics (1) - Influencer-Trader Outreach:
These are crypto traders that have a massive number of followers on Stocktwits, Twitter, and other relevant platforms.

We will reach out to them via email first and store them in our database (Mailbluster) as a lead until we convert them to hot opportunities (Hubspot). We will then reach out to them on their social pages to increase chances of getting a response.

We’ll make sure they understand why they need to grab the opportunity to be our partner and motivate them by offering them free coins or other rewards that make sense.

It is preferred having 1 or 2 people doing the research and the collection of emails and social links of these traders so the core LeadGen team can focus on the outreach part and develop more effective pitches to convince these traders to partner with the exchange.

Tactics (2) - Crypto Influencer Outreach:
These are crypto influencers across different social platforms, primarily Twitter and Youtube, with a massive number of followers.

Just like the other tactics, we’ll reach out to these people via email and store them as leads in our database until we convert them to hot opportunities or reach out to them on their social pages.

Most of these influencers require payments to promote projects/exchanges so depending on our goals, we can either agree to pay them but negotiate for a lower price or offer them free coins or other rewards that make sense.

We also need to reach out to influencers on blockchain-based social networks like dBuzz, Hive.blog, Ecency, Minds, etc. because clearly, these sites are the future and most importantly, the users here are a captive crypto audience.

Tactics (3) - Affiliate Marketer Outreach:
There’s a lot of affiliate marketing websites (CJ, Rakuten, etc.) out there and we need to reach out to all of them as much as possible and work on getting the exchange’s affiliate program listed on their sites.

We also need to reach out to affiliate marketers directly. We can use tools like Google and Linkedin to come up with a dynamic list of affiliate marketers we can engage with.

Tactics (4) - Non-Affiliate Marketer Maxi Outreach:
If the exchange is a DEX that runs on major blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, etc., we can reach out to the maxis of these chains to bring them the great news about the exchange which is surely going to be the next big thing in their ecosystem.

We don’t need Hubspot for this audience. We just need Mailbluster to continuously send them newsletters to keep them excited about the exchange which will transform them into evangelists or free marketers thus calling this tactic “Non-Affiliate” Marketer Maxi Outreach if you will.

Tactics - Others/Other Tasks:

  • Keep creating new action plans for new tactics along the way
  • Keep improving existing action plans
  • Keep monitoring competitors to get ideas on new tactics to add to the plan
  • Keep monitoring the crypto universe for upcoming coins that have great potential - it’s a great idea for the exchange to be one of the very few exchanges to list them first. A classic example of this is ExMarkets which is the sole exchange that is currently listing ADAX and SOLANAX, the hottest DEXs for both the Cardano and Solana ecosystem.
  • Other tasks that make sense

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