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We used to write blog posts in Wordpress because it was really very easy to use. Unfortunately, Wordpress users don't have full control of their blog. If you'll use, they can wipe out your blog anytime they want especially if they don't like your political opinions. If you're using and host it on Amazon Wordpress, you might get Parlered. If you host it on other (centralized) cloud platforms, you have no assurance they won't do what Amazon did.

Thank God there are already blockchain projects / startups who are developing decentralized platforms where you can host your blog or website.

The number one choice for decentralized blogging is I have a blog there that I just set up.

Here are other decentralized tools you can play around with:

  • Fleek – build decentralized sites/apps
  • Sigle – another decentralized blogging platform
  • SiaSky - and another decentralized blogging platform

If you want to share files of any size securely and conveniently to someone, try using CanShare. There's a similar app called Enzypt where you can sell files to anyone.

If you want to explore the world of decentralization and discover game changing dapps (decentralized apps), you can visit Decrypt regularly:

  • Decrypt – online magazine for all things decentralized

Do you know of other interesting and useful dapps?

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