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If you want to relax but be productive at the same time, you can watch movies/tv shows where you learn more strategies to keep you sharp and help you become more motivated in your business pursuits.

I recommend you watch the following movies or series during your downtime or even while working. You can play them in the background instead of listening to music. I mean music's good but if you prioritize feeding on important knowledge or business ideas, it is a much better use of your auditory space.

Anyways, here's the list (with links to some of their best scenes). Hope you like them. I'm sure you watched some of them already. If you do, please let me know which ones are your favorites and why. I have not watched some of these yet so getting your input on them would be nice.


My favorites and which I'd like to watch again are Boiler Room and Lord of War. I highly recommend you watch them first if you haven't yet. I'm thinking of watching The Big Short when I have time.

What I like about Boiler Room is that the characters are very skillful when it comes to persuading clients to buy stock shares. It's fun to watch them close business on the phone using creativity and sometimes using questionable tactics which adds up to the excitement.


The Apprentice is definitely a great source of learning practical business strategies, tactics, and leadership. Contestants compete to become Donald Trump's apprentice and also win big money.

The Pitch and Shark Tank are similar to the Apprentice because they are all reality TV shows. The Pitch features advertising agencies competing to win new clients while Shark Tank features people pitching their products to investors to land investment deals.

Narcos, Breaking Bad, Bad Blood, and Animal Kingdom might not be your typical business movies because in most cases, the businesses featured in these shows revolve around drugs and crime. But it's fun watching them with all their mad skills in trying to achieve their objectives.

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