Good dear Steeminians, a hug from this part of the globe. English translation of my post through google translator .. This post is translated because the subject of this publication, I consider it extremely important.

Today I want to write about a topic of great importance, at least that is how I see it. It is an aspect in which we are all involved in some way or another, in our homes, work, neighbors, in short; in our daily work. I can tell you that it is an issue that goes on since we are in the womb of our mothers and that is vital as food or water.

You may have noticed, but in addition to water and food or air, we need some other things to evolve in our lives. One of these aspects has to do with communication, which, although it is true, is not something that takes our lives away, if we can consider it vital in terms of development as people within society. That is, without communication, our potential is limited.

In this sense, I believe that we must all implement the necessary tools to improve our communication with others. You probably do not see it that way, but even by simply walking or crossing next to someone; It is already a communicative act with others, and without realizing it we could be pointing out something to those who have seen us crossing, even though it was not intentional. That is, the communication is not only the telephone, speaking or listening to others, but also with gesturing.


Surely it has happened before, that for example: a relative, the couple or you have made some gesture of approval or disapproval of any proposal. This is how communication works, it could go further by pointing out that even with a kind of positive or negative energy that we see others, they communicate to us if they feel sad, happy or other kind of feelings that maybe they do not express it with speech, but without with its attitude in front of the situations.


Therefore, communication is extremely important within any community. The role you play within society needs your communication, not only to express what you feel, but to know how to express it. As I said, even the gestures speak; as a much commented saying "a gesture is worth a thousand words". In this way, within the family, group of friends, companion or at any time that we should use the communicative act, we must try to express things with good communication.

Every so often, I digress about the way in which marriages, jobs or friendships are lost simply because we do not communicate in the right way. Has it happened to you that you arrive at a place and they do not even greet you? At some point, have you seen a couple fight for lack of communication? I believe that there are many times, in which an irregular situation occurs and is due more than anything, to a bad expression, interpretation or misunderstanding by one of the 2 parties.

I have noticed with concern, as people who are managers of jobs, do not know how to express themselves to their colleagues at work. Or sometimes, people who are placed to attend to the public, become mechanical and forget their communicative role and even get offended if someone reminds them to speak, listen and express themselves with kindness towards those they serve. In my particular, it has happened to me on multiple occasions when I attend a bank, supermarket, clinics, among others.

Undoubtedly, the act of communicating is eminently necessary to express our ideas, however; This entails a series of aspects that will make an assertive and efficient communication from every point of view. It is evident that the particular situation of each person, affects categorically in the communication with others and that this can affect the act of communication itself. We all must be aware that we are human, what someone transmits affects the other, but we must also realize that if someone responds badly, at another time he could do the same.

As we all know, without communication we can not make ourselves known, deliver our ideas or make improvements on ourselves. For example, if we need someone, it is best to ask for help, communicate it to that person and in an understandable language so that the communication is given and achieve the objective we desire. It is of no use to us, to remain silent, being able to express ideas and feelings, how much lack it makes us leave the breastplate and express ourselves in the correct way, with respect and recognition to the other.

This is the invaluable thing about communication. We humans have the opportunity to say it, no other being speaks like us to express ideas. If a dog is harmed, its moans are little or not understandable to us, but for a person if it is easy to express it and understand it so we do not speak the same language. It is vital for a relationship, family, work or friendship, the power communicate In a sentimental couple, if such a level of communication does not occur, it is likely that this relationship is not at its best.

This is why the present post, the existential importance of communication in every way is undeniable. In the case of us, who write or read this type of publications thanks to steemit, we need the necessary means to have a good communication and beyond that, we must use communication to make ourselves known and give space to others in our ecosystem . That is, we could do nothing without communication, we would simply end up being at the same time, like our animals that have not developed the cognitive level.

I hope that I have made friends with steemit understand, communication is a vital aspect in our daily life and we must put it to the test in everything and for that, the best thing is to do it with the basic tools that we have, of course, without forgetting to do it with a good attitude. Let's use communication to build and not to destroy, so amig@ steeminiano, if you have something to say to someone, do not hesitate to do it, since many times, the others do not realize that you want to express something.

"The communication does not it's just talking and listening, it's also attitude"



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