Week 11 Response -- Healthcare

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What are the positive and negative aspects of the United States healthcare system? /@macie.mcpeak/week-11-questions-universal-healthcare posed by @macie.mcpeak

In the United States of America there are flaws to our healthcare system. One major thing that caught my attention was the third party involved. Everyone is now expected to have insurance so the doctors can get paid. Even if you have a yearly check up your insurance is being billed. They also have different programs for older people and or veterans. The correct term is the third-party payer system. (15 minutes) Dr. Sean said we were one of the only countries that does it this way. Insurance isn’t a negative aspect its if you don’t have insurance then that’s where it can get bad. He said that in Singapore the open-heart surgery rate is around $18,000 and in the United States its around $135,000. Every candidate wants to make a change on healthcare. Some will say to have free healthcare, but it would be hard from the structure we have today to just change it. Bernie Sanders wanted to have a one-party payer system and that would not work. I think the main negative aspects are the confusion of how to make healthcare cheaper, the stereotypes of if there is cheaper healthcare it will be bad quality, and finally the third-party payer system.

For the positive aspects, insurance can be so helpful. Usually, insurance will cover most of the cost and then you still must pay some. Insurance is a good thing and a powerful thing. We also have good doctors. The medical schools in the United States are evolving every day. Modern medicine is evolving every day. Since other countries have lower prices there can be a wait to get a procedure done and here in the United States the wait list can be very short and fast. If you get hurt at work your work can pay for your industry. There are also many medicate options in the US. The main positive aspects are insurance can help so much, improved technology, and ways to help pay.

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