Oh the Narcissist Society We have Built Ourselves ◇ Is it time to Re-Wild ourselves?


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This civilized world we live in today, must be one of the most narcissistic human organization system ever created.

Why have we absolutely no regards for future generations? We treat our environment as if it was some sort of foreign entity instead of our habitat. This kind of thinking has had such a negative impact on our health (and that of other species), and could be why we constantly fight each-other...

Since I was a kid, there has been a large number of human behaviors that never made any sense to me. I always felt something was extremely wrong with the way the majority of people live... I always thought something was really OFF.

Luckily, I never personally thought I was nuts and besides the occasional disbelief from listeners, I was always able to speak my mind without being lynched. And so these ideas kept growing, but I hadn't thought there would one day be a large movement defined by the exact principles I had been developing into my own life philosophy!


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The Re-Wilding Movement

I may be a little late to the game but hell... I found my people!!!

There are so many studies looking into how the un-domesticated human lived, I never thought that it was something we could take example on... The hunter-gatherer way of life and tribalism are perhaps what I always felt was missing in today's society.

The deeper I dive into the realm of living a natural human existence, the more I like the idea of re-wilding, bio-hacking and becoming a true creature of our intended habitat.

From the food we eat to the need for community, from the air we breathe to the need for sunlight, I am defenitely moving towards a re-wilded lifestyle


Weevils collected from a batch of acorns we are processing for food... the little worms sautéed in butter were delicious by the way!

I will have more to say on that subject pretty soon but for now, lets have a look at today's society.

Starting with education.. it really seems that we are taught from a very young age to be obedient, tamed little humans. In most schools in the West, kids have to sit still most of the day all week, listening to what a few teachers have to say. They must memorize the lessons at hand, whether they like it or not.... and than are expected to regurgitate what they so called learned. Does this sound fun to anyone?

It all really begins in that classroom. The minute we believe that spending the bulk of our lives sitting at a desk listening to someone telling us what to think or do, is the minute we agree to a life of servitude.

Let's not forget that in most places we know, not following some form of the state's curriculum in schools or at home is illegal. We are obligated to be indoctrinated. Something about this system smells fishy, don't you think?


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And society's workforce... It is nothing but an extension of the classroom. The more I really think about it, the more it looks like traditional school (the school for domesticated humans), was developed to turn us into obedient little workers... In other words: TO BE GOOD SLAVES.

As insane as it sounds, we are the ones who built the system as we know it.

We are not innocent in the making of the world we live in. A world not unlike a prison.

We hurt ourselves everyday, personally and communally. We make a million laws and police one another. We eat almost no real food anymore, and we know it. Just today, when I mentioned to a co-worker that the cookies in the break-room were basically loaded with the same ingredients as the weed killer called roundup (glyphosate), he laughed with a what are we gonna do and walked away with a handfull, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.

I understand there are situations where a lot of us cannot make much of a choice but we need to make a greater effort. When we do have the choice, we should chose nutrient-dens options. While it does take a bit of research and education it is possible to eat well.

One example of very nutritious food that everyone can afford is sardine. This is a fish that holds almost as much good fatty acids as salmon for a fraction of the price. And as an extra bonus most of us probably don't know, SARDINES ARE ALWAYS WILD CAUGHT. Just make sure it comes in a pba free can!


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We humans, have an ability to adapt very quickly to different environments and we can probably evolve to live with the polution we create but at what cost? As it stands today, it looks like we're heading in some dark days for humanity. Modern medicine is very effective in terms of emergency scenarios and making us live longer, but we've been kind of bypassing our own natural selection. The planet is over-populated and it can be traced back to the invent of agriculture...

The more we eat, the more we procreate, the more we procreate, the more we eat, the more we grow!

It's a vicious cycle and I don't think we do the things we do to eachother on purpose. We wage wars against everyone and everything for our own beliefs of what will keep the human race prosperous. We do it in a completely blind fashion, our greed for the susrvival of our spicies has surpassed us.


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If we don't start looking at why being a narcissist society is killing the human race, the planet surely will get rid of the cancer we've become.

Well on that (kind of dark) note... I invite everyone to take a look at existing and starting projects, to explore lifeways that could better support our presence as the symbiotic beings we once were, in this organism we call EARTH.

At this moment, the one that stands out is this one from @eco-Alex:

@eco-alex is working on building a tribe to create an earthship village governed by a gifting economy. Here's a link for the idea of it being fueled by steem:

And than you also have my own project that is in the making now. I will need to make an updated post, but if you're interested in living close to New York City in that same philosophy, please contact me.

So, you see... there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Path to victory is not about the hard way or the easy way. It is about taking the first step, and thereafter, how fast the next step can be placed ahead.

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