My Steem ecoVillage Diary #1


Welcome to this first post in the series, a diary and sharing of the very start of this very special journey. This diary is going to be several things. For me it a chance to assimilate, integrate, and share what is going on whilst we work to manifest this project. So much is happening, and yet I can still hardly believe that after so many years the time finally seems right! I am also writing this for you all, whether you are keen to learn and understand what is happening with ecoVillage, or whether you are just interested to follow this journey with us to see where it leads...

Right now I am in Brighton, UK for a few more days; before I head back to India where I live in Earthship Karuna. My whole Earthship journey began here in Brighton back in 2001 when I met Michael Reynolds and learned about Earthship biotecture. From that day on my life was never the same again! What started as a far fetched dream to build my own Earthship, one day, somewhere in the world.. has now become the story of my life, and now the start of a great new chapter.

I completed my own Earthship home in 2012, after around 11 years of searching and building. In the end, as chance would have it, I settled in the mountains of South India.. a very beautiful and remote location near Kodaikanal. By a miracle, I managed to self build with no previous experience and created a beautiful home. I have been living in Earthship Karuna for SEVEN years now, which is hard to believe. The off-grid lifestyle is something really special and it has changed me from the inside out. It really has set me free, and looked after me over the years, day in and day out, providing me with free power, water, comfort and everything i need to live. I lost my only source of income 2 years ago now, but have been able to continue to live and figure things out because I have not had to worry about being able to afford bills. This is so precious because I have had the time I need to figure out a new direction, and not be forced to take on a job or relocate just to pay the bills.

Whilst the Earthship concept clearly worked, the community in India that I live in did not! When I joined it in 2006 there was great potential for it to develop in to an international community, but for one reason and another it never happened, and aside from one Canadian couple everyone else has left. There are people around as it is also a guest house, but that is something altogether different to a community.

So for some years now I have been trying to find my new path. All i knew was that I could not return to the city, or the way of life that I had left far behind. I have know for some time that the only way forward for me was to live in community, off-grid, and out of the matrix. Being back in London for just 10 days is enough to show me that, in every way imaginable. It's really hard for me to watch how disconnected people are from their essence here, this perfect convenient modern world is very unappetising to me! I feel the stress around me, the tension, and the parasitic nature of the commercial world and I hate it. That is a strong word for me, but that is the truth.. I could never live back here without sacrificing my soul and getting stuck in a rat race and leads nowhere, and there isn't even an end!

So ecoVIllage lives in my heart as the way out for me, for you, and for all of us. I have been thinking for a long time about how to make this possible, and community and natural giving have become my mantra. After so long it really feels like the pieces of this puzzle are coming together, and the response I have had lately has been very positive indeed! Not least, @orlev and I finally had a chat just a couple of weeks ago now, and it was a great pleasure to learn how closely our visions align. That vital piece of the puzzle, the land itself, is ready to birth what may come to be the way out that so many of us have been waiting for.

THis is going to be hard work, but it feels like I have been training for this for most of my adult life. The challenges I faced when self building 4 times in India we like the ultimate training for what lies ahead in ecoVillage. I am looking forward to doing this with experience under my belt, and a supportive group of people to do it with. Until now i have held the weight of the entire build, training, organising, and just about everything in my own hands. Now to know that we can do this together, in a truly co-creative way, is food for my soul, how much more fun it will be like that!

SO thank you for reading being here. This is the start, and who know how long this is going to take, but i have all the patience and energy to pull it off, I already gave my life to this cause, and am very happy i can keep doing so. Nothing is more important to me then helping us find a new and better way to live. We must change the paradigm of life itself, because what we are doing is not working, and I believe we are now ready for change!








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