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Currently worldwide societies are experiencing a situation beyond a context of continuous legal, political, social, technological changes, everything is summarized in the phenomenon of globalization, where the banking system and digital banking, focuses on management plans , where it focuses on management plans of greater need and demand of society that link universal banking and digital banking. The factors that affect us within an economy within this context we have internal and external macroeconomic shocks, also macroeconomic shocks, it is about establishing a strategy that is conditioned to financial liberalization and regulatory system.

This trend has changed through globalization, as I have previously mentioned, but the most unique thing is the challenge to technological change of stencilled financial integration with a solid figure and a broad financial coverage, that is why, dear reader, that universal banking is a business model that seeks to offer a wide range of financial products and services. Likewise, it is not aimed at a single target audience, but rather tries to diversify its client portfolio as much as possible, it is clear to us that today digital banking offers us a wide range of financial instruments and products, for the client community.

An important fact that considers universal, digital and commercial banking which we cannot leave behind, since as a bank it monitors both financial and economic indicators due to this affects loan rates, inflation levels, unemployment, GDP, the monetary liquidity on the international reserves of the nation within its economic model based on the relation to the growth of national production, to avoid producing inorganic money that affects the economy at an inflationary level, that is why universal and digital banking currently treat to regulate the financial products placed to the public. Some characteristic of universal banking such as the following is good to analyze: its offer of financial instruments for the capitalization of resources, being able to receive deposits both in the short and long term, under different modalities.

It is possible to carry out financial intermediation operations in different terms, also dear reader we find them to provide under the same figure, the services that specialized financial institutions offer individually in different terms. That is why this type of bank molding has very particular objectives, so to speak, to be able to carry out all kinds of loan and savings activities, focused on both large companies and SMEs as well as individuals, additionally operations can be carried out in the markets securities and provide multiple financial services.

But since everything has its strengths, also its weaknesses, as is the case that we must know in the world of economics and commerce is that there is the possibility of a mismatch in the terms of its passive and active operations. This is due to the fact that the bank being able to obtain and lend funds in various ways will generate that it must carry out a harmonization of terms, as well as the impact of monetary liquidity on the currency, which affects the placement of bank deposits and loans banking, I hope it is of a higher degree. See you in a next installment of the world of Economics.


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