Cool ecency small video is up


Here is one cool video that came up yesterday, a very good job done by this person @good-karma . I hope we get more this videos soon here, and I hope all shere it also lot out there, like you see YouTube not want as out there ;)

Short clip about revolutionised social networking platform, Ecency and Hive.

And a lot of people out there if you've seen the news and watched the crypto market, don't let yourself be manipulated by China, because it's a simple manipulation of the market, which means someone will soon buy up a large amount of coins very cheaply.

If you follow very old users here and there then their words are, that it is a best time to buy yourself more coins if you are able to buy something more. Lot coins are very low more then they must be.

Now when my words up I try going walk and find more new photos, it have been here all night very rainy, and all morning forest is very wet.

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