DTube IPFS full community node contest!

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DTube IPFS public community node contest!

In order for @DTube to be truly decentralized, a strong community node network must be established. A single organization cannot store/stream the masses of videos on DTube efficiently. This is a contest where the top 5 get rewarded in SBD/UPVOTES for operating a public IPFS gateway/storage node. Public gateway for video streaming, storage is solely for data storage (obviously). We are looking for community nodes to distribute the load from dtube. This is also going to be the kick starter group for future projects.

General guidelines

  • Must be in contact through discord.
  • P2P port must be port forwarded/no firewall. Public node.
  • Must at least 25GB for node. Either for gateway caching or storage.
  • Must have a steem account with a decent amount of activity. Unless deemed otherwise.
  • Any malicious activity will result in a blacklist/flagging. Disqualification from all future DTube network activities.
  • IPFS node is recommended to bootstrap other community peers/have scripts that keep the connection always connected to other nodes.
  • Minor IPFS settings changes for highest efficiency
  • We will help setup the node through every step.

Storage node guidelines

  • Permanente backend storage system. Not entirely completed. Once ready hosters will be alerted.

Public gateway guidelines

  • A domain, HTTPS support. Domain will be provided, such as node1.dtube.network. By pointing the domain to your server IP. Our domains use cloudflare.
  • Recommended to have Apache or nginx reverse proxy. (Apache configs provided)
  • Recommended to have a Lets Encrypt SSL cert. (If using our domain)

How to participate

Join onelovedtube or dtube discord.. Talk to either @graylan, @techcoderx or me to get setup. The guide below is for Linux or Mac, we can guide you if you're using windows. You will still need to join the discord for you to participate/setup help (once we have proper management software). We still recommend operating an IPFS node regardless of whether you decide to participate or not.

Setup Linux/Mac

Requires special software in order to become a storage node.

ipfs install

Public resources repo
quick IPFS install, requires sudo
curl -L https://bit.ly/2EbhZh7 | sh

Config IPFS

It is recommended to configure IPFS before preceeding as default IPFS settings cause issues with high resource usage.
curl -L https://bit.ly/2tDTSCM | sh

Start ipfs

to start daemon with pubsub (recommended for future use). I suggest that you put this command in ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc
screen -d -m "ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment"

Optional scripts.

recommended to use keepalive script for keeping other dtube network/community nodes connected. Only need to run once.
echo "screen -d -m \"curl -L https://bit.ly/2BWdGps | sh\"" >> ~/.bashrc

Ending notes

@theycallmedan is sponsoring this event, he has been a HUGE help in supporting dtube network and decentralized technology. I would heavily suggest following him and checking out his content. He is giving away 50 SBD divided among the top 5 participants plus upvotes. Ranking is a to be determined, but it will use a combination of ping, throughput, storage capacity. This contest is meant to encourage people to operate an IPFS and host video content. There will be more events similar to this, making the community truly operate dtube's storage capacity. This is a work in progress and subject to change. Closing time will be anywhere from 7-10 days. #WeAreDtube @onelovedtube

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