The Meaning of the Tree Drawing Test and Tricks to Successfully Pass the Test


If you have ever taken a psychological test or a job interview test, one of the tests proposed is a drawing psychological test. The drawing test consists of various object shapes. Draw of objects that are usually requested consist of houses, people, and trees.

Among the tests that are often used are tree drawing tests. Generally, this test is included in the graphic test. So for those who are not good at drawing, there is no need to worry, because what is judged is the size of the draw, the location of the draw, the completeness, and the drawing of the line. The firmer the line, the easier it will be to find characters.

Revealing the Explanation of the Tree Drawing Test

For those who have taken the tree drawing test, at least they have been curious about what the test means and why they have to draw a tree. Is there a special meaning? To be able to understand what the test means, see the full explanation below;

The Overall Meaning of the Test

The meaning of the tree draw in the psychological test is to find out one's responsibility, self-confidence, stability, and work resistance. This can be seen from the stroke of the draw, position, shape, neatness, and completeness of the draw. Although at the time of drawing, we did not know what the part meant, in fact, the test indirectly described our personality when choosing the element.

Meaning of Tree draw Position

Where the position of the draw when the tree drawing test turns out to be able to show how a person's character is. If the position of the tree draw is at the top, it shows someone who has a high view of life. It is different if the middle is interpreted as a practical and humble person. While the tree draw below prefers to research before making a decision.

Meaning of Tree Trunk

The draw of a tree has a complex meaning. The tree that is drawn symbolizes emotional strength, the broad tree trunk has the meaning of having stable emotions, calm, not easily angered, and has a firm stand. While a slender tree trunk means that a person is a person who is flexible and open to all the opinions of others. This person also has a sensitive nature when viewed from the test drawing the tree. It is different if at the time of the drawing test the tree has branches at the top, indicating that the person is easily divided or influenced when faced with a choice. Their stance is also not too strong.

Meaning of Tree Height

Tree height also has a specific meaning. If the tree is tall, it indicates a person who is careful and always double-checks when confirming work. Is it done well or not. If the tree draw is less than half the height of the paper, it means that people who are satisfied with what they have, are likely to be frugal and efficient. People like this are also usually practical-minded.

Meaning of tree branches

When drawing a tree, if it does not have a branch, it means that it is a right-brain dominant person. The use of instinct is more dominant in many ways. The position of the tree at the time of the tree drawing test tends to be more to the left, meaning that it tends to be a person who harbors thoughts, is conservative, and is introverted. The position of the draw slightly to the right means the opposite.

Meaning of Roots in Trees

Drawing tree roots during the test also have its meaning. This indicates a person who has a handle on life, has a stand, symbolizes family and history, and attaches importance to the past. If at the time of drawing the tree does not depict the roots, it means having a focus on the future, learning about new situations, likes meeting new people, and likes to create new traditions.

Meaning of Leaves in Draw

The number of leaves in a tree also has a meaning. A small number means that they tend to view the world in a limited way. Not tempted by other colors and depicts a visionary person. A lot of leaves in the tree drawing test means having deep thoughts. People who like to draw leaves are likened to people who like to think. Likes to reflect, introspect and be careful.

Meaning of Fruit in Draw

In making tree draw sometimes add some fruit draw if you like. The fruit itself symbolizes how successful a person will be. Another interpretation is that of course, you will not forget the people around you. The number drawn will indicate its success.

Other drawing Meaning

Sometimes a person doesn't just draw a tree during a tree-drawing test. Sometimes also like to add some other draws. For example, drawing grass under a tree signifies someone has a house where guests feel welcome and feel at home there.

Not only grass, but the added flower draw also has its meaning. Flowers under a tree have the meaning of happiness if the surroundings are also happy. If you add a draw of an animal it means you have a love for family and friends. Meanwhile, adding a draw of a swing near a tree indicates that you have a happy feeling when you take the time to have fun with family or friends.

The laying of the tree itself also has a meaningful meaning. Not infrequently someone draws a tree directly on the ground during a tree-drawing test which means that it is the type of person who craves a sense of security and stability. Have a high sense of family and prefer work that will make you comfortable for a long time.

Tree Drawing Test Success Tips

To be able to achieve success in the tree drawing test, there is a simple trick you can do. Paying close attention to the trick will also get a lot of valuable lessons. For the results to be satisfactory, here are some of the secret points;

Complete Tree draw

At the time of the tree drawing test, choose a tree that has shady leaves, has wood, branches, and twigs. It would be even better if it was complete with flowers, fruit, and roots. Drawing in full will be easier to know the character and nature of a person.

Cambium Tree draw

Try to choose an draw of a cambium tree. For example, mango, durian, guava, or rambutan trees. Do not draw a tree that is not cambium and imperfect because it is considered incomplete and will be difficult to interpret. For example, bamboo, banana, and cypress trees.

Avoid Deleting Too Often and Don't Be Too Creative

It would be better if on the test drawing the tree did not often make mistakes and was often deleted. It will have its value. A neat draw and not much correction indicate a person with a firm character. Another thing when drawing trees is to avoid getting too creative. That means it would be better if you draw right in the middle of the blank paper. Do not draw on the right or left corner.

Create an Appropriate Title

The last trick in drawing a tree is to give it a title that matches the tree draw that has been created. Later this will make it easier to select and translate the meaning of the tree draw that have been made. The title can also describe the nature of a person.

The tree drawing test at first glance is easy. However, behind its convenience, it turns out to have many meanings that can reveal how a person's character and nature are. It's easier to draw as it is because it is the scratches on the paper that show who we are.

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