Caught up in a thinking shoe


"Caught up in a thinking shoe"-42x30cm pencil on paper

There is a big problem with smart people: they tend to always overthink. Where there’s a great deal of smartness , there is also an undertone of stupidity. A smart person probably said that.


You know the facts, but somehow, being all smart and that, you have to twist and turn and rethink them all over again. I belong to this wonderful species of homo sapiens overthinkus. And I must confess that many of our kind get so tired inside our own thoughts. People think that this wonderful capacity of thinking is liberating, giving us the freedom to make choices and act for ourselves. Well, ovethinking does the opposite: it’s making you feel trapped inside your head, you stop seeing things so clearly, there is blur everywhere and you end up making poor choices.

caughtshoe (3).jpg

If you were to leave matters to be solved in a simple manner, following your gut, just like you thought at the beginning, before you could tap into you overthinking mode, you would have been so much better. Thinking is a shoe which we will wear for the rest of our lives and being stuck in one ain’t no picnic.

caughtshoe (4).jpg

Have a great day and toodle loo!

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