What's going on with V4VApp!

It's been too long! I'm sorry I haven't put out an update sooner, the last four weeks have been the main annual holiday season in Israel from Rosh Hashanah, through Yom Kippur and Sukkoth so all normal rhythms of life go out the window.

Add to that two substantive court hearings totaling five hours on the @jpbliberty Crypto Class Action court case as described here by @apshamilton with a third hearing of two hours set for next Monday and I hope I'm excused for a lack of updates.

Podcasting 2.0 Show

The biggest news is that I'm booked to go on the Podcasting 2.0 Podcast with Adam Curry and Dave Jones on Friday! I'll be sharing that and linking to it as soon as it comes out. I've got a lot of Hive talking to do!


Proposal reaches No. 3

I must admit that once I reached the number of votes necessary for the proposal to be funded I stopped watching the votes. I happened to look at the Proposal list a couple of days ago and was somewhat surprised but very happy to see that the V4V proposal is now the No. 3 highest voted proposal!

I want to say a sincere and genuine thanks to all of you. The money is hugely useful of course, but the vote of confidence from all of you in the community is what really matters.

Rewarding value for value help

The V4Vapp.dhf account which receives the funding has paid some funds to @arcange and @ausbitbank who have both written some web based parts of the system.

@ausbitbank very quickly wrote the lnd.v4v.app site which lets you turn Hive or HBD into Lightning and its working perfectly.

@arcange offered to help and I asked him to write an email gateway. This isn't in heavy use YET, but over the next few days I hope that changes over at @threespeak will mean the email system we put in place will be essential.


I continue to work closely behind the scenes with @threespeak. They're very close to unveiling a new back end page which will allow all 3speak video channels to customise their channel as a podcast to comply with Apple's Podcast requirements. This means being able to set a title, cover art (square and 3000x3000 pixels), description, categories and a few other required fields.

Apple Podcasts

These Apple requirements are important because across all of podcasting, if you can comply with these, your feed will be accepted.

Once that is done, and combined with an email loop check which will come to the user as a DM on Hive via the system @arcange built, 3speak creators will be able to submit their video podcast feed direct to Apple.

This will mean Hive users posting videos to 3speak can have them show up and be playable in the Podcast App on every iPhone. Google Play will also take these video podcasts.

3speak video from my channel playing in Apple Podcasts app

Side note: this video of Zuckerberg talking to Josh Hawley was played into evidence in the Australian Federal court because it gives Zuckerberg's direct testimony under oath that Facebook and Google's staff co-ordinate with each other.

Regular payments

Meanwhile @v4vapp is regularly receiving streaming sats for podcasts and paying these out as Hive! Doubling of sats on streaming payments is still in effect.

Aureal One

I have incorporated @aureal so that if any user sets up their podcast with Aureal and registers my Lightning address with the Podcast Index, sats will flow. I'm still working on making these steps a bit easier.

Next steps

I'm working on lots of code improvements behind the scenes and I'll have a lot of work to do making sure the 3speak back end changes to make them a full Podcast platform are working properly.

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