Following Organic Votes - The Mentor Bot Successfully Developed

Hi Everyone,
As I said earlier - "The Mentor Bot Script Successfully Done". Due to the recent development, @hiveupme curator is following mentor vote leads & upvote worthy (non-blacklisted) author's contents top of the Hive chain.

Original Source

How This Differ From Vote Trails?

  • It can follow multiple vote trails.
  • It doesn't follow the voting pattern (vote weight).
  • It checks the minimum vote weight cap of mentors (worthy manual voters).
  • Mentors (worthy manual voters) can be added to few tiers.
  • Each tier has random vote weights between defined minimum & maximum vote weights.

Special Thanks

There is a local saying (quote) - Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Line. This quote became true with the recent development of the curation project. @azircon guidance helped me develop this new feature for the curation project. As a result of that, the curation bot follows Organic (Manual) Votes & shares 95% Curation Rewards + Few WINE Tokens between delegators.

Removed From Spaminator Blacklist?

Yes, they heard me & removed me from the blacklist. So I am using this space to share my gratitude towards them as well.


Need to focus on the WINE project. Planning to extend its number of calls with an attractive rewarding concept.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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