Automatic Merge Failed, Fix Conflicts Issue

What happens when we run into the problem where we experience a merge conflict where two developers have made changes, but have made changes to the same object and experience an issue? This issue tends to arise in environments with teams and shared code, especially where teams may not have their tasks demarcated clearly. You can review the solution in the video How To Handle Merge Conflicts (Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result). As you can see, we learn some steps that may be useful in thinking about the problem that will help us resolve it.

Some discussion points and questions addressed in the video worth thinking about as you watch:

  • When looking at the example of a merg conflict, what key point do I mention in the video?
  • Where would see this possible issue on a regular basis and what may be ways we can mitigate this issue?
  • If two developers make changes to the same object, what do I mention about how we'd solve this issue?
  • What are some best practices that we can think about when we have teams that use shared code where we may find updates to the same objects or code base that conflict?
Keep in mind that this may arise when we have a developer who checks in code, then leaves for a period of time (like vacation) while another conflict is generated. We may not be able to resolve the issue immediately. Depending on the project, this is an issue we should consider ahead of time.

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If you want to avoid experiencing this issue, I would suggest that you consider how your development team works, how you architect your changes, and you overall approach to reacting to problems. This tends to arise when a bug is found and several developers work on the same objects on their own branches and experience a conflict when merging in to master. Likewise, this can occur when developers share the same database or code set. In all of these cases, you haven't spend time thinking about how you will make changes on large teams with shared code and you're likely to generate problems. This isn't a major problem until it's an urgent situation where an immediate fix is needed and there's a conflict. Being proactive about these situations is the best way you can prevent this from causing an outage or a serious problem.

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