Taiwan, Afghanistan, BRI Domino Effect as Clown World Destroys Itself - Ivermectin Study Found

Taiwan, Afghanistan, BRI Domino Effect as Clown World Destroys Itself - Ivermectin Study Found

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This is a late night long live stream about various topics in the news. I go over the Belt and Road Initiative and the moves that are being made on a global level, which include a likely invasion of Taiwan. We went over some recent anti New World Order Music from Media Bear, Tom Macdonald and an old school one from MC Ma'at. I took another look at the Corona News, and we even went over a study that found Ivermectin to be likely effective. I also discussed some crypto currency news such as Algorand $Algo, $ARRR Pirate Chain, $Eth Ethereum, $IOTA Internet of Things, and $XTZ Tezos. Cheers Mateys!

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