What Two Percentage Points Will Get You


By hook or by crook, by any means possible to accomplish a goal. What could the worse defeat of the Christian Conservative Unions since their formation after world war 2 possibly tell us? That it took less than the deaths of two percent of the elderly population in German to accomplish it. The Socialist Democratic Party beat out the Christian Conservative Parties by less than a two percent advantage point. Ironic given that the deaths from covid in German is two percent of the elderly population. The death toll globally has hit the elderly population the hardest when it comes to covid, not that that would normally comes as a surprise since it traditionally holds true during the flu seasons also. What I have always found rather interesting though and have mentioned elsewhere prior is the fact that when covid struck it seemed to have gone straight from China and into Italy, the country with the highest percentage of elderly in the world.

Many probably wish I'd shut my "questioning" inquiring mind off for five minutes but being basically a lone wolf the majority of my life it has more likely than not saved me from questionable intent(s) while driving others insanely crazy, "do you have to question everything" is a phrase I often hear. Given that don't find it awkward when I began questioning exactly how is that at the start of the pandemic we went from being focused on people dropping dead on the sidewalks in China to multiple causalities of deaths among the elderly in Italy. Instead of China, China, China it became Italy, Italy, Italy. Almost as if by magic covid became the bad guy and China, as usual, escaped the limelight of being the covid originator. When you look at it from a statistical standpoint of getting from point "A" to point "B" just how is it that the virus ends up several thousands miles away from it's origination point jumping straight into a country with the vast majority of elderly on the planet and starts ravishing it. It starts to give a bit of credence to those calling this a plandemic.


For those thinking it may be a bit to conspiratorial laced I neither drew nor implemented the words "old and in the way" in the above editorial depiction. Just as seen in Germany how taking out a fraction of two percent of the elderly population has had historically the same trend could happen anywhere. I've mentioned this elsewhere that presidential elections in the US are often a difference of two to three millions votes, with less than two years in on the pandemic we are nearing the one million mark in deaths, imagine what this could amount to by the next presidential election. The democrats may not need to rig the results in the next go around, or at a minimum not to the extent it's starting to appear they did in the last go round.

Speaking of skewed election results Netanyahu's ouster seems questionable at such a crucial time during the pandemic, I know he's made claims of election interference before therefore it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't some involvement by those pushing a more progressive form of government for Israel. I honestly believe, like most world leaders, they'd gave these vaccines a shot but I highly doubt, as is now being seen with some world leaders, the failure of these vaccines to produce immunity and stop the spread we wouldn't see such continued aggressive use of the vaccines at this point with Netanyahu and he'd be more inline with other leaders starting to question their validity in stopping the pandemic. Same that unfolded with Cuomo. It was more a matter of them wanting him out because as I've said many times over that he may be a democratic but he wasn't crazy, crazy. I just don't see him as going before the public and claiming they need to fire health care workers to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated even though the vaccinated are just as much a threat to passing around the disease. What I do see him as doing is calling them bat shit crazy for even suggesting such a move. That's why he had to go. And the god part?, oh hell no he'd said. I don't think there's a reason for more elaboration on the 2020 election and as far as Newsom goes we just plain know that was in the bag. When the conservative main stream news media shut down any mention of the recall immediately following the election you knew right then and there the fix was in. Don't mention it and hopefully they'll forget about it was written all over their faces.

What we will see moving forward is carefully crafted and organized elections that give the illusion of legitimacy but are crafted out of by hook or by crook methodologies. We've given rise to a generation of pampered kids brought up under educational systems that have indoctrinated them into believing that the world as we know it is not fair and the cause of such degeneracy is the generations that came before them. The destructive nature of past generations must be removed by all means possible including upon the deaths of thousands if that's what it takes. Last night the propaganda machines was in full force advising the world that in Germany the young people have spoken, it's time for progressive change to change the world as we've come to know, a more compassionate world toward the environment and a more equity distribution of wealth.

If the young people really spoke in Germany than why would they re-elect the Socialist Democratic Party to maintain control of Berlin in the traditionally left leaning city while also simultaneously voting fifty six percent on a non-binding referendum to expropriate large landlords?

Public anger has been growing in Berlin over tenant rights and affordable housing, which were a major issue in the election campaign in the traditionally left-leaning German capital.

Sound familiar? All to familiar? Exactly the same scenarios are playing out all across the large liberal held cities in the United States. People simply can't afford to house themselves yet people keep electing the same leaders who are calling out for a equitable world. Promises of "sharing the wealth", but once elected they get...

"Expropriations do not solve the manifold challenges on the Berlin housing market."

He called for more cooperation from all players in the Berlin housing market to find more constructive solutions.

Earlier this month, Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen announced a plan to sell almost 15,000 apartments to Berlin for 2.46 billion euros as part of a bid to win political support for their merger.

The Social Democrats (SPD) retained control of Berlin in Sunday's election, according to provisional results on Monday, meaning that their candidate Franziska Giffey will become the city's first female mayor.

Giffey confirmed her earlier stance rejecting expropriations but said the referendum's results should be respected.

"I am still of the opinion that expropriations do not help to create even a single new apartment or solve the big question of affordable housing," she told the ARD broadcaster on Monday.

Giffey called on the Berlin government to draft a bill and conduct a legal review of it. "Such a draft then has to be checked and if it is not constitutional, then we cannot do it."

Even if they sell Berlin 15,000 apartments don't expect rents to go down, if it's run anything like section 8 federal housing here in the US it won't help at all because section 8 drives the housing market prices in the US. Whatever section 8 disperses in rents other landlords will follow and in some cases causes them to raise their prices to keep low income people out of their housing projects. It's a systemic removal, or gentrification if you'd like to call it that, of low income individuals from within the inner cities, not to mention the payoff to investors in these properties, it's one hundred percent guaranteed rent payments from government sources. It's a generation of folks coming back to claim that which their parents and grandparents fled during the white flight movement. They want to play "Friends" but not among a vast majority of minorities or low income individuals. So ask yourself how is it that the "younger" generation appears to vote with forked tongues? Evidently indoctrination leads to blindness for how can it be that being under the leadership of the democrats has failed miserably to produced any of their promise results for decades and you keep voting them into office? At what point do you start to rationalize you are being told lies? At what point do you start to rationalize that you voted overwhelmingly in your best interest while simultaneously voting against your best interest? Better yet when do you finally rationalize that maybe you aren't really voting at all, at least not in the traditional or physical sense of the word. Finally when you wake up and imagine if they would do that to you exactly what it is they are capable of doing to others.

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