Did a Science Convention Event in my dCity

Testing out if running an event is worth the cost and here are the results

As I mentioned in my We built this city! We built this city on dApps! post, the dCity game has a way to join Tokens together as part of the game play. You can buy and sell game cards on the Market using several different tokens and you can run Events that give you a chance of earning more cards or other prizes.

I had 100 STEM, probably from writing some articles in the STEM category, I don't know. So, I decided that I would risk half of that to see what doing a Science Convention would do for my dCity.


I took a screen grab of the top counter before I kicked off the Science Convention, during and after it was completed, 24 hours later. The results was that I added 15 new Educated Citizens after the end of the 24 hours. Since I only have a 20% chance of receiving a scientist every 2 hours, that seems like a good return on 12 attempts. I however, did not win a STEM miner.

But, let's not focus on not getting the big reward and see how valuable those 15 new Educated Citizens are.

First, I need to figure out what I gained.

  • Scientist 1 : 7
  • Scientist 2 : 2
  • Artist 1 : 1
  • Artist 2 : 3

At the start of writing this article, I mistakenly assumed that the counter was just Scientist citizens, but it is Educated citizens. Since I did gain 15, I am going to leave the rest of the article alone. As to determine how I gained 15 extra educated citizens, but only 11 Scientist and 7 Artists are accounted for, I have no idea. I don't know if this is a bug in the game or not.


It currently costs 0.065005 HIVE.SWAP to get 1 STEM. So, it cost me 3.25025 Hive to get the 15 Scientists.

The actual HIVE to STEM price is much higher, because nobody seems to be agreeing on the price right now, but 0.060 seems to be a running average.

Card Purchase
Now, to purchase 1 card in dCity, it costs 4 Hive and 800 SIM. If I had purchased 15 cards at Hive costs, it would have cost me 60 Hive. That's a really good savings. The 12,000 SIM it would have cost seems unreachable, with my current SIM income of only $40 SIM per day.

Market Purchase
On the Market, the cheapest Scientist card is going at .29 HIVE.SWAP, which would have cost me 4.35 HIVE.SWAP to purchase those 15 Scientists. However, a Scientist can be had for 159 SIM, which would only be $2,385.

Because I had STEM available, this was definitely a savings in my book.
I spent 3.25 Hive for a Market value of 4.35 Hive.

However, I don't remember how quickly I earned that STEM, so who knows how many articles I had to create in order to earn that. If it took only a couple, then at my current 0.905 Average Author Reward, then I did extremely well.

While I was doing the Science Convention, apparently my dCity rolled some unlucky die and I ended up with some disasters. They all have (simulated) in them, but they did affect my income, so I thought they might be part of the Science Convention, but they didn't go away after the convention ended. We'll have to see what happens at the next dCity turn.


I have transferred some DEC to my Hive-Engine wallet, so I am going to try another Event soon. It might be a while before I can try some of the others, since I don't have nearly enough of those Tokens.


Let the positive energy sing!

More Power to the Minnows!!

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