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About Dcity

Dcity is mathematical and trading game based on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build they own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, technologies, and earn income in form of hive(based on ranking) and SIM token(based on city income). There are also cards that player can get only from playing game like technologies, backgrounds and new prevention cards :)

New Game Function: Load

Load is a new function in Dcity that stacks certain cards inside other buildings. When a card is loaded into a building, the effects of the loaded card on the city (like population, education, popularity, etc) disappear and the effect of the building on the city changes.

A building can be unloaded by a player at any time.

This feature will work on 4 new buildings:

NameDrop RatePopulationIncomePopularityReq. Workers
SpaceSIM Company0.1%051010
Construction Company1%0101030

and Ad Agency from second edition

Players can load other specified cards into buildings above for income boost on these buildings:

Prison Capacity 50, loading Criminal citizens, +1 income for each
Warehouse Capacity 50, loading Dust, +1 income for each
SpaceSIM Company Capacity 50, Scientist/Scientists, +1 income for each card
Construction Company Capacity 20, Hard Worker, +2 income for each
Ad Agency Capacity 10, Artist/Artists, +0.2 income for each card


Loading 20 Scientist cards into the SpaceSIM Company will remove the effects of the 20 Scientist cards (20 population, 20 education) but will increase the income from the SpaceSIM Company by 20.

The net change on the city would be -20 population, -20 education, +20 income.

All 3rd Edition Buildings Revealed!

Below is the table with stats for buildings:

NameDrop RatePopulationIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Construction Site20%0000
Power Line7%05-24
Train Station5%012920
Ice Cream Shop5%0873
Barber Shop4%0873
Fire Department*5%031220
Construction Company1%0101030
SpaceSIM Company0.1%051010
Military Base0.5%010-30100
Music Store5%0873
Car Dealership4%015109
TV Station2%0211320

*Each Fire Department reduces Fires income penalty by 20 SIM
*Court decreases crime rate

3 New Combined Buildings:

Experimental Lab (5 Laboratories, 2 Research Center, Office, Parking, Public Restrooms, Better Documentation Practice )

Produces Vaccine prevention card - when pandemic crisis happens (10% chance, stacks additively, 10 Experimental labs = 100%)
Vaccine when used gives you 1 week prevention on pandemy(80% fewer sick people)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 53
  • popularity: 41
  • workers: 118

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 60
  • popularity: 10
  • workers: 120

Construction Site is lost when constructing new building, but player can convert combined building back to other used buildings. As you can see there, technology will be used for combining too.

Industrial Zone (Advanced Robotics, 30 Factories, Office, 2x Public Restrooms, Parking, Warehouse)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 618
  • popularity: 161
  • workers: 1242

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 800
  • popularity: 100
  • workers: 1000

When Natural Disaster crisis event happens Industrial Zone will produce Dust for city.

Entertainment Zone (2 Cinema, 2 Gym, 2 Restaurant, 2 Pizzeria, 2 Ice Cream Shop, 2 Public Restroom, 2 Free Internet Connection)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 98
  • popularity: 74
  • workers: 94

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 100
  • popularity: 80
  • workers: 100

Combined buildings:

NameIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Golf Course408050
Experimental Lab6010120
Drone Factory130-50210
Transportation Hub190120300
Entertainment Zone10080100
Police Academy303090
Industrial Zone8001001000
Power Distributor80-2560
Central Bank2150150

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