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Turmeric is something I never even heard of until a few years ago and now I don’t like to be without it. This package says the entire daily serving size is one-eighth of a teaspoon but they are wrong. I can use that much in one cup of hot cocoa or sprinkled over one plate of food.

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Turmeric is one of the new foods that showed up when my mom @fitinfun got healthy. She heard turmeric was good for arthritis and gave it a try. The first thing I remember eating with turmeric was some cake-like turmeric bread she made a few times. That was so good! When you eat it, you get a kind of a buzz in your mouth and that expands to your body. It was simply amazing the first time it happened since I was not expecting bread to have such a strong effect.

Later, turmeric started being added to all of the food my mom was cooking. It was not a strong flavor in the beginning, but got bolder as she went on cooking. Then once we started adding turmeric to hot cocoa, that was it. We were both hooked.

I had just run out of turmeric when my Amazon haul arrived, so this was a big relief. The package is a pound of turmeric, so you would think it would last longer than it does.

Here are my posts so far about the products I got in my Amazon Haul thanks to steemit money.
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My post is for the #dailyfoodphotography contest by @howtostartablog.

Thank you for you visit to my blog. If you eat or use any of these products I would like to know about your experience and we can be healthy together.

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