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Curator @anggreklestari

Shapes in the City
Gruništa, Mariovo
A few Time At My "Combo" Farm Today.
Faluda / Falooda : Sweet Summer Chilled Dessert
Wednesday Walk - Wild Turkeys and Other Odds and Ends - Actifit: September 22 2021
Fried mackerel with yellow seasoning
Beautiful Flowers in the Rain 🌸🌻🌸
A Lady of Hive is my friend and she brought me here from real-life!
Walk through the town of Pampatar
Sabie Brewing Co. Dravidian Draught IPA
A Waterbird : Egret
Red Corner City - AI Art and Human Experiences [en/spa]

Curator @brumest

Eating Fast Food - Digital Illustration | Comiendo Comida Rápida - Ilustración Digital [ENG-ESP]
My 1st Trip Back Home, to Egypt, in 12 Years
rebellious wonder woman
🌿 | Monomad Challenge: Natural details in black & white | 🌿
The Northern Gannet
ArtJournal #20 | Appearances can be deceiving [ESP-ENG]
GSB (2) - "Lutku pilnuj tych gwiazd, w domu na Połoninie"
Three Emperors’ Corner. My Actifit Report Card: September 22 2021 [EN/PL]
[Musicforlife] How to take care of musical instruments so that they are well preserved (guitar, cuatro, mandolin) // Cómo cuidar los instrumentos musicales para que estén bien conservados (guitarra, cuatro, mandolina)
Typical Sunset Paramotor Flight
Moods from the Swiss Apls - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes
Вщиж или город, которого нет. Vschizh or a city that does not exist

Curator @crazy-andy

Denmark – The city's history told through street art (Helsingør / Elsinore)
The river is not enough for ducks, they found themselves a big puddle and rested there
Moonlighter ⚔ Review 🎮
Tour du Mont Blanc - Day 1
[Blog #72] Spring is here! Rambles, poem & music.
Another edible mushrooms from the nearby forest - the Honey fungus (Armillaria mellea) / Opieńki miodowe
Ha Ling Peak Hike ~ Camera Roll #2
Cauldron XI the fight to control more machines | Horizon Zero Dawn
SOME CHAOTIC OLD LIGHTS (A Trippy Thursday post)
The Human Spider
Argentina - Gothic style in the Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Rosario in the city of Azul, Buenos Aires. / Estilo gótico en la Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Rosario en la ciudad de Azul, Buenos Aires. 😃❤️
Sainte-Marie Cathedral, Auch - France
Rijeka, my hometown - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2020, city of love and diversity

Curator @equipodelta

[ESP-ENG] Botella de Cristal Decorada al estiló Mosaico con CD.// Glass Bottle Decorated in Mosaic style with CD.
Hermoso cintillo hecho con material de provecho, para hacer lucir hermosa a la niña de la casa//. Beautiful headband made with useful material, to make the girl of the house look beautiful.
[Eng/Esp] Colorful painting with cayenne flowers, made with colored cardboard // Colorido cuadro con flores de cayena, elaborado con cartulina de colores // Tutorial
[ESP|ENG] ☁️ DIY: Cute personalized keychain in the shape of a cloud! || Lindo llavero personalizado con forma de nube! ☁️
Gaborockstar Power Cross Gym - " Curl de biceps en banco predicador " - esp/eng - VIDEO TUTORIAL - Content Original

Curator @ewkaw

Wednesday Walk along the lake and in the cottage village
The Sexy Girl in the Hat Traditional Drawing [Eng-Esp]
"Perla" Dm - Original Song - by @luchobass
Binance bad
Film photography | This is my entry for the #monomad challenge
Birthday Treat
🥦Mizuo´s Travel Blog🥦No.10 - Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden. 2021
Second Round of Spaghetti Sauce - September 22, 2021 @goldenoakfarm
Trip to Ly Son Gem Island- Day 2: Small Island
Kids Bathing In Saltwater | #Monomad Challenge

Curator @fmbs25

Walking Around Sun Plaza Medan, Indonesia

Curator @galenkp

I don't always drink coffee like a hipster, but when I do...
Empowerment | A 5-Minute-FreeWrite
A Wednesday walk & Abstract Art & contest entry: Shadow Hunters

Curator @jasonrussell

Van Gogh in Caracas

Curator @jotakrevs

1810 Capped Bust Half Dollar
Batgirl 🦇 My comics character drawing
Missing the Beach
LIL: Spotted Tortoise Beetle
The well-kept secret of Daisies or Leucanthemum Vulgare || El secreto bien guardado de las Margaritas o Leucanthemum Vulgare
Wildlife : Birdwatching - 1159 🐦
tokenized art: red lights
The Art of Waiting : an artwork series reviewed by AiBot.
Norwegian Landscapes - Autumnal forest falls
National painting competition
Creativity and recycling to boost business.
A Walk in Bole Hill Woods, Derbyshire

Curator @lourdeshd6

Some scenes from coastal life
Cloudy cycling - MARC #491
Reduviidae - Assassins Bug Nymph (part 2)
Retreating to Douglimar | monomad challenge [ENG] [ES]
Perfect day, but not so perfect light.
[ESP|ENG] Solo me quedan dos días en la playa:(

Curator @nikv

Autumn close up (11 photos)
Last summer walk - Último paseo de verano
Arapovski Monastery "Holy Sunday", Bulgaria ( 🇪🇬 / 🇧🇬 )
The Frailty of human hearts (Short story) [Eng | Spa]
Day 1438: 5 Minute Freewrite CONTINUATION: Tuesday - Prompt: positive development
Colourful Chicken Garden / Красочный Сад Куриц
10 exceptional photos of a microcosm along with twisting narrative.
A walk with friends ..
First Aid for my succulents [ENG/ESP]

Curator @romeskie

PIZZA Token Liquidity Pool Is Where it’s at
Wanna know how to do copra? ( My copra experience )
no preview
Happy Everyone!!❤ Here's my Macro phone photography for today. Wander ...
My Son's First Module: Lesson 4 - Practicing to Write His Own Name, Lesson 5 - Identifying Human Gender (Kindergarten Homeschooling 2021)
Hello Hive! Oshin at your service, my hive intro post!

Curator @the01crow

Crónicas de una estudiante de Medicina en Ruralita: Tercera guardia.
A Witch in the Kitchen: "Delicious Homemade Chicken Sausages" [EN] // Una Bruja en la Cocina: "Deliciosas Salchichas de Pollo Caseras" [ES]

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