Splinterlands - Mantoid (Weekly Battle Post)


The Mantoid is in the Untamed series and a neutral range attack monster. I have one at level 1 but never really used it. There are plenty of range monsters I prefer to use rather than Mantoid, even within the neutral family. Some such as War Chaang, Tower Griffin, and who can forget Cornealus. Still Mantoid has its own place and since it's creation I have lean on using him more than Cyclops.


If not aware Mantoid is a better card than Cyclops with its lower buy in cost while having an ability and a speed of 2 and all else equal to that of a 1 bcx Cyclops. Yet it is currently close to 90% cheaper than a Cyclops based on market value.

In the following battle it is one where I play Mantoid and the results of the match.


The match I fought was between an equally rated opponent and we both used life splinter. Both are formations were filled with defensive monsters in the front while long attack in the middle and rare. I had the advantage since my summoner was level 6 while my opponent was a level 4. However the monsters I chose limited my advantage of using the higher level summoner.


With range being able to attack even in front position I went with range attack monsters right after using Silvershield Paladin. On the opposite side my opponent used Clay Golem followed up with Baby Unicorn and Silvershield Bard.

Round 1

No monsters were knocked out on either formations after round 1. However my opponent's Clay Golem no longer had toughness.

Round 2

Again no monsters knocked out on either side. It is clear the match is pretty much neck and neck.

Round 3

In the middle of this round my opponent's Dwarven Wizard was knocked out. In the prior rounds my Silvershield Archers had been slowly taking down the Wizard and was able to knock it out here.

Round 4

No monsters knocked out but my Silvershield Paladin was at its mercy cling to 1 health.

Round 5

At the immediate beginning of the round my Paladin was knocked out. However I returned the favor by having my Silvershield Archers take out Divine Healer.

Round 6

No monsters knocked out in either round.

Round 7

At the beginning both player's front monsters Wind Elemental and Clay Golem were knocked out. At this point my opponent only had 3 monsters versus my 3. So still neck and neck.


Round 8 thru 10

No monsters knocked out on either side.

Round 11

My Silvershield Archers again pulled through knocking out my opponent's Peacebringer. This was likely the turning point of the match since by then my opponent had little attacking power left.

Round 12

This was the round were I cleaned house and knocked out Baby Unicorn and Silvershield Bard with ease. What I had left were Mantoid, Silvershield Archers and Armorsmith.


The real heros for me in this match were Silvershield Archers and Armorsmith. The Archers were able to knock out opponents' monsters while Armorsmith kept the monsters alive as long as possible. Mantoid did help out as a tanker near the middle of the match and it was enough to hold the line. Another great match and I was lucky to escape with a win.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Thanks for reading!!!

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