Never Invest More Then You Can Afford To Lose.

Over investing with hopes of dreams of making it big normally turns in to being broke.

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In the World of finance and investing it has always been said to never invest more then you can afford to lose. In this day with the adoption of cryptocurrency I would have to say this differently, never invest more then you can afford to live without. I am all for investing in crypto but I am also all about hodling for the long hall and not flipping coins hoping for a quick buck.

I prefer to keep on dollar cost averaging what I can afford to spend for later riches rather then trading crypto like it is stocks on the market. My thought is to keep on acquiring coins and staking what I can to work towards financial freedom in the future. The more you earn and stake the more you will earn from your efforts so I will be earning and staking for years to come so when it is time for retirement I will not have to worry about working and can live a comfortable life.

The other option can be to keep a smaller percent to use for spending and hodl the rest for to build on your future. Not everyone has the income to live without using some of their crypto earning so saving some and spending some is a smart way to live and still set up for later in life. We all have our own views and this is not financial advice, it is only my thoughts on how to approach cryptocurrency.

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