Is It Harder To Get Started Or Restart After Stopping?

I think normally it is easy to get started no matter what you are starting because its usually something you want to do.

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Unless it's something you are being forced to do against your will then it is usually fairly easy to get started. For the purpose of this post we will talk about earning and income online but it can be applied to most anything you want to get started doing.

I have started and stopped working online a few times in the past, never leaving completely but taking a drastic step back and just doing a few basic things. I remember when I got started I dove in head first and tried to learn everything and stayed up for days working hard and getting no where. I didn't stop, I tried several things and joined many programs that ended up costing me money instead of making me money.

I took a step back after running out of money to take a look at things and see what I could do different then what wasn't working from before. After a bit of a break without much difficulty thinking this new program I was in would be the one to make me money and things would be different this time around. Well, I did learn more lessons so it wasn't a total loss but the site ended up getting shut down I was forced to change up and find something else. I didn't look around to long before taking a step back again. This seemed to be a pattern that I was creating in starting and stopping all along knowing what I really needed to do but was not really willing to put all the time and energy into it.

A good deal of what I had learned up to that point was personal branding, list building, blogging to your Wordpress blog and posting video's on Youtube. At the time this was pretty solid advice for anyone who was serious about earning an income online. I was working on personal branding and list building by using my name and picture on my lead capture pages, the biggest problem was while my list was slowly growing I wasn't sending emails to it. If you are going to go to the trouble of building a list then you really should be sending email to it regularly, otherwise what's the point. I didn't have the right perspective at the time for creating content so I hadn't started blogging or making video's and this at the time was something that may not pay off for several years.

Yes I was lazy and wanted to easy answer that didn't take years of work to get to. I ended up changing my offline job to one that came with much more responsibility and took up a lot of my time so I stepped back for a few years to put my focus on my current career choice. In coming back I messed around here and there with a few things for some time before CTP relaunched and introduced me to Hive, which had a different name at that time. I was a little slow to start but after a few sporadic posts over the first few months I started doing some of the challenges and posting everyday. I'm not the best content creator but I got to say I am much better then I was when I started.

I did after some time stop doing the daily posts and was only posting about once a week to once every week and a half and I got to say it was much harder to get in the habit of doing daily posts again after being lazy for so long. It is something you need to commit to and be dedicated to making the time to do everyday weather it comes easy to find a topic or you are just tired and don't feel like it. It takes a lot of time and energy before you see any real results, but at least you can watch your progress as you go vs. using the alternatives, Wordpress and Youtube, you get paid as you work and build relationships. The best thing I can say for anyone just starting or anyone getting frustrated, just keep at it and put in the time and effort and it will pay off in the end.

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