Surfer Rewards Prizepool Increased to 11,000 CTP Tokens!!

Fantastic news for our Traffic Exchange users that are participating in our Surfer Rewards cross promo with 10 top Traffic Exchanges!

Special thank you to @elianaicgomes for providing an additional 1,000 CTP Tokens to be included into the drawing!


We now have 11,000 CTP to give away to 10 lucky members who complete the surfing promo. Members can claim 1 time per day to increase chances on winning some awesome crypto prizes!

@elianaicgomes is the admin and owner of the CTP Blueprint which is an awesome site for those that would like to get the best out of CTP training and streamlines the huge portal for you to follow and learn how to earn with CTPTalk.

You can signup to the CTP Blueprint from here..

The Prizepool Breakdown has been updated and can be seen below...

Total Prizepool- 11,000 CTP Tokens

1st- 3,500 CTP Tokens
2nd- 2,500 CTP Tokens
3rd- 1,500 CTP Tokens
4th- 500 CTP Tokens
5th- 500 CTP Tokens
6th- 500 CTP Tokens
7th- 500 CTP Tokens
8th- 500 CTP Tokens
9th- 500 CTP Tokens
10th- 500 CTP Tokens

You still have an awesome 14 days to participate and start claiming your entries in the draw. So if you start today and do this 1 time per day you will have gained 14 entries in the draw!

Don't be one of those members reading the draw results in 2 weeks time and seeing all the winners thinking...
Damn I wish I entered this promo now! 🤣

Start now, full details are available here-

Have a great day and don't forget to Up-vote, Comment and share this awesome content! 😁

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