Crypto Awards 2021 - Hive is a nomination for Best Blockchain Technology 2021

A little while back Theycallmedan shared a post encouraging anyone who enjoys Hive to vote for this blockchain on the CryptoAwards 2021 site where Hive is competing with Near Protocol, Polkadot, Solana and others for first place.

Hive Crypto Awards.png

Hive has recently dropped off from top spot to 2nd place chasing Near Protocol. If you believe in and would like to support Hive, go vote at

The CryptoAwards will be held on 2nd-3rd December in Cyprus and the winner will be announced then - A month and a bit from now.

If you want to have a look at the itinerary or check out the speakers etc., head over to - this is from their site:

First Honest Rating of Crypto Projects, Companies & Persons with transparent process of voting Based on feedback and reviews from real crypto users and customers

CRYPTO AWARDS - ranking where each nominee is competing for the honour to be named the Best of the Best.

Such ratings can help to select the most reliable projects and companies for a safe investment"

100% proceeds of this post are going to HiveFund.

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