Ethereum Could Be More Valuable Than Bitcoin: Goldman | Is The Bull Market Over Yet? | Crypto News!

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β–Ί0:00 - Welcome
β–Ί1:15 - Meme of the Day!

β–Ί1:36 - Market Overview
β–Ί4:58 - Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!
β–Ί6:47 - Whale Moves 10,000 BTC Into Bitfinex.... Scary?
β–Ί9:19 - Scammers Are Using Email Spoofing To Impersonate Crypto Personalities
β–Ί10:07 - 40,000 ETH Move Into Bitfinex- Same Entity? Why?
β–Ί11:45 - Bitcoin & Ethereum Charts: Higher Lows & ETH Strength
β–Ί15:16 - Commentary On ETH / BTC From Bob Rossi
β–Ί16:56 - The Bitcoin "Rainbow" Log Chart
β–Ί19:48 - Bitcoin Has Many Corrections In A Bull Market
β–Ί20:49 - Could Ethereum (Not Bitcoin) Be The Leader Of Bull Cycles?
β–Ί22:02 - Ethereum May Be At A Crucial Support Level... Bottom?
β–Ί24:10 - U.S. Treasury seeks reporting of cryptocurrency transfers, doubling of IRS workforce
β–Ί27:00 - NYU Professor Says Elon Musk Is Attracting Regulators to Crypto β€” Regulatory Action Expected in 30 Days
β–Ί31:40 - Did The 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake In China Rock Bitcoin's Hashrate?
β–Ί36:24 - The Ethereum Hash Rate Has Not Stumbled In Ages
β–Ί36:48 - News Media Seemingly Coordinated A FUD Attack On Crypto
β–Ί37:30 - Load The China FUD! (Meme)
β–Ί38:13 - Crypto, a new asset class - quite a comprehensive report, by Goldman Sachs
β–Ί41:23 - "The Amazon Of Information": Goldman Initiates On Crypto, Sees Ethereum Overtaking Bitcoin
β–Ί50:19 - You Know You're "Balls-Deep" In Crypto When-
β–Ί51:10 - Quote of the Day! / Farewell
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