How to sell an NFT, the common and the radical way

Ever wonder why you struggle to sell a 1$ worth of NFT while some other artists effortlessly sell $100s or even $1000s worth of NFT?

I was very curious to learn the art of selling NFT and so I asked around. Based on my findings, there is more than one way to sell an NFT. Some require a ton of work while some might only require tenacity and a confidence booster. Let me elaborate.

To start, let me emphasize that NFT is not just about the artwork. There's something more to it and it's not something that is openly talked about. Let's talk more about it.


Create a Cause

Aside from the artwork that you present, what other reasons why would someone buy your NFT?

Is there a special meaning to your work that the buyer should understand about?

Did you use a unique technique to come up with your artwork?

Does a portion of the profit go to a charity or any other special reason?

If the NFT or the artist doesn't have an answer to these questions then the potential buyer might not even give a glance at your work. They don't feel any motivation or a push to take your NFT and buy it for their gallery.

Build a Community

An NFT is a representation of the community. If there's no community that feels connected with the NFT then you won't probably sell or the hype won't sustain long enough before the next edition. The larger the community that backs the NFT series than the more potential that it sustain the hype.

And as the interest of the community grows, the value of each piece of the NFT series also appreciates.

You can't encourage the growth of your NFT if you only have 1 or 2 collectors buying your work. You need an army of collectors to competitively outbid each other to raise the floor price of your NFT. And as you garner a community of collectors then all you to think about is the production of your NFT. You have to maintain the momentum while the collectors are still motivated.

Entice the Collector(s)

Don't spend your time waiting for the collectors to discover your work. In the world of NFT, you should be aggressive enough to find potential buyers that will be more than happy to have your work in their gallery.

The collectors breathe life into the NFT series. They are the ones who will bring your work to the secondary market and to a much broader market.

Final thoughts

You can't build something great over a night. It takes time to get an NFT series to lift off. Don't put too much time into perfecting your craft. Allow some of your time in building a community and engaging with them.

And that's how you can create an overnight success; months or years in the making.

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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