Mind Force Gathering

Exploring the seven senses as elements of Hip Hop

The Mind Force Gatherting is a global Hip Hop Movement that started in 2006 in Switzerland with the 5 elements of Hip Hop. Through involvement in cultural exchanges with embassies deploying classical art, classical dance and classical music, Hip Hop became a key factor to bridge language through different modes of communication. The 5 elements of Hip Hop are Rap, Deejaying, Breakdance, Vocalism, Graffiti and Knowledge. The Mind Force Gathering is a spiritual Answer from Asia turning it into senses. Auditory, Vocal, Kinaesthetic, Visual, Gustatory of Olfactory and the power of Mind, combining and transcending these senses to the spirit and consciousness. The MFG was born on Steem, because the Gathering was always about community and many crews and the combined efforts of minds coming together to create events and gatherings celebrating these 7 senses. We started out last October as a small curation account with little delegation by various Steemians into conscious Hip Hop Culture.


- 1. Build Relationships. It not just about you. Collaborate

- 2. The Idea is that we make leaders. You are the Group.

- 3. Anyone can participate, as long as it's an artistic expression of one of the senses.

- 4. Our vision are worldwide events, gatherings and a marketplace for merch.

- 5. Share value. Something you created and people can learn from.

- 6. Stick to what you promise. Our community values consistency.

- 7. We started small and we will grow organically. The right people is more important than the masses.

- 8. We are global, so respect and think about the contemporary and cultural transcendence.

- 9. Remember others, give credits, honourable mentions, collaborate and meet.

- 10. Be respectful, don't post gore or NSFW(unless it's paintings), still respect the censorship resistance Blockchain and remember that we are doing this together.

@islandboimodB-Boy / Merchandiser
@sandymeyermodSwiss Unit
@shimozurdomodGraffiti Artist Mexico
@quest-skoolmodHip Hop School in India
@edprivatmodco founder
@ran.koreemodGraffiti Artist, Italy
@djlethalskillzmodTurntablist, co founder
@vincentnijmanmodResurrected Dinosaur
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