Adverse Reactions to COVID19 Vaccines & Lockdowns - Evidence You May Not Know

As the world injects more and more people with various forms of technology designed to limit the effects and spread of COVID19, we are seeing ever more data that shows patterns which everyone needs to pay close attention to. It seems there may be damage being done to populations in the name of 'healthcare', both through vaccines and other policies.

Introductory Comments

One of the most common misuses of scientific data is to identify a pattern between two variables and assume they are causally connected without knowing if they really are. Correlation is NOT causation - it's true. However, at the same time, we don't just ignore patterns because we don't know the full causality involved - instead we create a hypothesis regarding the correlation and find ways to test our question to learn more.

The main difficulty that most of us face when looking at public health data is that we lack the resources to perform much in the way of experimentation, so we are left with questions and partial answers that leave the door open to easy ridicule from people seeking to stifle discussion of important key health questions that affect us all. I am tired of seeing more effort being put into silencing discussion and debate of the COVID19 topic online than there seems to be being put into actually researching the subject in a way that is open and transparent. This in itself raises red flags for me.

In this post I am going to highlight some data, you can do with it what you will, but I'd prefer if you asked questions and instead of taking ANYONE's word as gospel truth, consider that EVERYONE may have it wrong!

Note: I have been researching and commenting on vaccines for many years as a non medically trained observer and researcher. I have probably watched hundreds of hours of material about vaccines and listened to many of the world's best known and most respected experts in vaccine development. All of this has shown me to be very cautious of vaccines and while it is unfortunate that I can't just beam the material I have seen directly into your head - I ask that you reserve judgement here if you are strongly 'pro vaccine' and just take in what I am sharing in a neutral way. Bias helps no-one. In general, I am being careful not to state any conclusions about the data in this post, I ask that if we do disagree, let's keep the conversation and responses on the level of scientific analysis, rather than unconscious and knee-jerk abuse. Thanks.

Recent Concerning Evidence of Deaths Following COVID19 Vaccination

We seem to have reached a point where enough 'vaccines' have been injected into people that we have some useful data to determine the kind of effects they are having for some people. There seem to be repeating patterns. As if often the case with my posts, I document things quite early on and so the data isn't always perfectly formatted or presented in ways that everyone can easily consume. For these reasons, I will keep the message here as short as possible and let the data itself speak.

India's Vaccine Rollout and Death Spike

India has been in the news lately due to a huge spike in recorded COVID19 mortality. This has been attributed to various things in the media, but I for one have not seen much evidence for any of the claims. That's not to say that the evidence doesn't exist, I just haven't seen it.

What I HAVE seen, though, and verified for myself - is that the mortality rate due to COVID19 in India seems to be directly following the rate of rollout of COVID19 vaccines at the moment.

The graph below shows the number of new deaths due to covid19 (per million) plotted against the number of people vaccinated (per hundred). As we can see, the two lines become similarly vertical with an ever decreasing lag between them.

Graph data from OurWorldInData

Does this mean that the vaccines are causing the deaths? Not necessarily. But it's something to pay attention to. I looked into the vaccine situation in India and as it turns out, they are using a mixture of the Oxford (Astra Zeneca) vaccine and their own vaccine, developed in India known as Covaxin.

India's own vaccine seems to have had less testing done and less usage than the other vaccines in use around the world, but I only have so much to go on in that regard.

Graph data from OurWorldInData

Wondering whether as similar trend could be seen for other countries, I picked two at random (Belgium and Slovakia) and found no such similar pattern.

Graph data from OurWorldInData

As we can see, out of these 3 countries, only India displays such a pattern.

Wider Patterns of Mortality?

It was then that I was pointed to a recent podcast on Youtube that specialises in the COVID19 Pandemic, in which it was highlighted that - in fact - there IS a pattern that can be seen in numerous (not all) countries following vaccine rollout.

Dan Gregory highlihts in the video below that at least 10 countries have a pattern in their data that goes something like this:

  1. Roll out vaccine
  2. Slight dip in Covid deaths
  3. Significant rise in Covid deaths
  4. Gradual Tail off of Covid deaths

The suggestion is that because the vaccine has been mostly given to the most at risk first, who tend to be elderly and already weakened, the initial rollout may be causing significant death in that population, which then tails off.

Watch the full video here:

Dan's logic makes sense to me and given the next piece of evidence, I would not in any way be suprised if it turned out that the vaccines were unnecessarily killing significant numbers of the most vulnerable. We are NOT intended to receive such chemical concoctions directly into our bloodstream, period!

124 Pages of Personal Records of Death Following Vaccination

The following document is harrowing to read. It documents countless cases of individuals, some famous and some not - who have died unexpectedly within hours or days of recieving their COVID19 vaccination.

Please Share This Document

I won't post the images and messages here as they are very triggering and might distract away from the message here, however, if you are so inclined please do read them and get a real, felt connection to what is going on for real people all around the world.

It is not good enough to repeat the mantra that 'the science says the vaccines are safe and effective'. There are numerous 'vaccines'. The 'vaccines' mostly are wildly different to ALL 'vaccines' that have come before. There are NO long terms safety studies. Considerable data shows there may be significant mortality being caused by the vaccines. Some vaccines have been pulled due to safety concerns by several countries. Say what you like, but please don't be so dishonest as to make the blanket statement that 'COVID19 Vaccines are safe and effective' - they all have known risks.

UN Admits COVID19 Policies Have Killed More than Covid19 Has

Finally, here's a chilling observation that was actually reported by the BBC. Usually such data is very much buried, but here it is - for now.

The disruption in healthcare services caused by Covid-19 may have led to an estimated 239,000 maternal and child deaths in South Asia, according to a new UN report.

It estimates that there have been 228,000 additional deaths of children under five in these six countries due to crucial services, ranging from nutrition benefits to immunisation, being halted.

South Asia has reported nearly 13 million Covid cases and more than 186,000 deaths so far.

source: BBC

So the UN is saying that 228,000 children have died in only six countries due to disruption caused by COVID19 policies. This is a figure that is 42,000 higher than the TOTAL DEATHTOLL due to COVID19 in ALL of South Asia!

If this is the number of children acknowledged to have died in just one region - how many of other ages have died for similar reasons? How many in the whole world. I am certain that when all is said and done, we will see vastly more dead due to policies put in place to combat Covid19 than will have died due to Covid19 itself - or who would have ever likely died.


Issues of life and death affect us all and we all deserve to have a voice and be heard. In this case, the data speaks for itself and thinking people need to be asking questions and in some cases creating direct action in order to ensure their survival.

I wish health to everyone. Please remember that Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium are hugely helpful to build natural immunity - do not overlook them!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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