Shelter in


"Your grandparents were called to war, you are being asked to sit on the couch, you can do it!"

Recently, this meme has become very popular. I highly applause for the creativity. It's funny and spot on!

With trajectory of confirmed case keeps on going up sharply, more and more states have required their residents to stay home to prevent the spread of covid-19. But there are still many people who do not take it seriously. Amongst them are some younger people. They think they are young and have strong immune system. But the disease is not immune to any age group. Maybe it's not as fatal to younger people as it is to seniors, we do need to think about our parents and senior group, think about community.

The virus has brought detrimental damage to economy, business and affected our social life and finance. Many businesses have to be closed, unemployment rate roars. The more we follow the call to stay home, the quicker we will be able to go back to normal life and reduce the amount of people being infected.

That's all do our part, be responsible not just to yourself, but to the community and the country. Together, WE CAN DO IT!

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